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I cannot believe that I have been bullet journalling for a whole year. When I first started, I didn't expect to love it so much. It has been my creative outlet for the last year and it has only inspired me to keep my creativity flowing and be creative in other ways.

This month I have been inspired by a trend I've been seeing in the windows and displays of my favourite shops. Leopard print is so in for autumn and winter and I'm very excited to add some leopard print to my wardrobe this season. Anyway, when I searched on Pinterest for leopard print themed bullet journal ideas, I didn't find anything so I was excited about the idea of being one of the first to publish this theme somewhere on the internet! I might even add it to my own bullet journal board on Pinterest too in the hopes that it could be popular. Here's me dreaming loooool.


 For September's introduction page I wanted to embed the theme from the very beginning. I picked a quote I felt suited my month and what it has to offer and then just leopard print spotted the whole thing. I was really excited about the theme once I'd finished this and what was even better was that it didn't even take that long to finish. It's a simple theme to make but so bold too. Aaaand, you can do it in which ever colour you like! It doesn't have to be browns like mine.


I have my classic set up for this month's overview again and it's been working for me since the first time I set it up in February. I've changed it around a little bit to make it look a little different to suit the theme and this time I've had little leopard print spots coming out from behind the calendar. I really like it and think it looks fun.

This time instead of having September memories for the second page, I've decided to make it September Achievements. I feel like there's a lot I want to achieve in September and this is a great way to document what I have achieved. I did like the memories page this month and I did use it but achievements fits better for the September I'm predicting I have.


As always, I have my sleep and steps tracker. I don't have a solid reason for doing tracking it but it does keep my mind aware of how much sleep I'm getting and if I should be thinking about how much sleep I'm getting, or if I'm not as active as I feel I should be. I like to make sure I do 10,000 steps a day and if I'm really far off it I wonder why and if there's anything I could have done to be more active that day.

This habit tracker is now my new favourite. Now that we have the house, I feel like I have more things to track to make sure I have a set routine or that I'm doing things often enough - even if it's not everyday. This month I tried to group the things I'm tracking by type. So the first lot being social media, then health followed by beauty and well being, housework and then finances. I'm always nervous about tracking finances so I like to just see when I'm not spending rather than what I am! Ha. I'm really looking forward to using this tracker properly for the first time this month and hope that I can keep on top of it like I did this month!


Last month I really enjoyed having a to-do list for the month. I did almost everything on it because I had it written down to remind me. As for the mood tracker this month, I messed it up a little bit. I added too many boxes and so some days have two boxes that I'll just blend together. I should have worked out the boxes a little better but it's the first time I've used a shape like this for a mood tracker. If I had a second chance to think the mood tracker over, I would have probably have a grid with 30 boxes which I filled in with a leopard print spot that I'd colour code with the mood for the day.
I am thinking I probably need more colours for my mood tracker too. I think it's great to have 3 but there are so many in between days but it's hard to have that many colours to choose from. I'm thinking about using words next month. What do you think?


Last month I mentioned how much I liked the weekly overview set up and that I'd probably use it again, and for the first time I have doubled up on the same set up for the weeks! I really like this set up and used it well last month that I thought I'd use it again. I've been waiting to find a set up I really liked but could adapt to a theme often and now I have. I really enjoy how the space is used and I like having the mini calendar too. It's been super useful. I do think I could have done some more spots but I didn't want them to be in the way too much.
I'm considering adding a meal planner to the bottom of each day too but I'm not sure on that yet. I'm going to trial it this month as I go along.

So that's my set up for September! I'm really excited to be a year into bullet journalling and seeing how far I've come. I really want to do more bullet journal related posts and am considering doing a 'Year of Bullet Journalling' post where I share all the themes in one page and my favourite pages. And I'm also thinking about doing a 'Bullet Journalling Essentials' post. If you'd like to see that please let me know! Also, would you like to see what the pages look like when they're full and how I use it? If you do, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram. Links are in the navigation bar and side bar.

What do you think of this month's theme? Do you like the leopard print spots? And what should I do for October? I've already done Autumn and want to do something a little different.

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