Bullet Journal | August Set Up

This month my bullet journal theme is: Lavender. After being inspired by the lavender in my own garden and my friend who I call 'Mr Bee' who visits my lavender everyday, I decided to dedicate August to just that. My theme was going to be very boxy and around houses since I've just moved in but I think this lavender theme is already a hundred times better. 


The month's theme is instantly obvious in my introductory pages for August. I couldn't think of a quote but with August being my month off I felt this quote was appropriate. I really appreciate the little things in August because I actually have time to stop, think and take things in. Oh and I can actually spend time reading too. It's a simple theme but it's already topping previous favourite themes because it's so obvious and pretty.


As always, I have my monthly overview in my usual layout. I changed it up a bit by not entirely lining up the boxes and I think it looks brilliant to open up the calendar and reduce the boxy look it had before. This overview is super simple but it's all it needs to be. I've already started filling it so it looks busier and I really like it.


Again, as always I have my trusty sleep and steps tracker set up as usual but for some reason I put my mood tracker on the opposite page instead of a new page like I usually do. My mood tracker is looking awfully bare at the moment but it's only because this time I'll add lavender petals in the relevant colours as I go along and number them so I know what my mood was like each day. So far, it's all very dark purple as I've had the nicest week :)

On the next double spread I have my new and improved habit tracker and my August to-do list. Now that I have my own place, I have a lot more I can track and so I'm going to be trialling a few new tracker systems if I don't think this one works for me to track not only my social activities, health and beauty routines but to track my household jobs and such. I've been pinning a few different trackers to see how others do it and this is the one I like best. It's a bit everywhere at the moment but I'm sure I'll find my best set up soon!

I thought a to-do list for this month is fitting since I have so much to do around the house. It's already full of things like rooms to paint, furniture to build and things I want to do as well as need to.


This is probably my favourite weekly overview set up yet. Not only has it given me lots of space to write in each day but I prefer having the mini calendar already and a big space for themed drawings and stuff and also any quotes and things I might want to fill in that space. It's already working for me well so it might be a set up I keep in September too. September is going to be super busy and the anniversary of my first bullet journal set up so I'm really excited to set that one up! Already researching what theme I want it to be since I want it to be my best yet!

So that's my set up for August! I really like this one and already the pages I set up have been easier to navigate, more spacious and helpful. I really like this theme; it's bold but simple too. Did you spot that I had a bee on every double spread too! It's my homage to Mr Bee who loves visiting my lavender bush!
Do you have a bullet journal? I'd love to see how you set yours up.

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