What Cat Wore In 2016

What Cat Wore In 2016
Though 2016 had not been year of the outfits for me, I do think I posted some pretty good ones that are still favourites now. I've struggled with posting outfits this year starting with not really having anywhere to take photos and finally venturing to a favourite spot in my garden. My style hasn't changed much, my hair has and I think it's about time I share almost every outfit I posted in 2016. The last few years I've had to narrow it down, but this year I think I'm missing only 4 or 5. Anyway, enjoy and if you want to take a closer look at any of these they are all on the 'What Cat Wore' tab in the menu bar ♥

What Cat Wore In 2016
First of all in 2016, I struggled with quite a bit. Body confidence was a big issue and so clothes became less of a favourite to play with and wear confidently even though deep down in the heart, it is forever one of my favourite things ever. I gained a little bit of weight meaning I haven't been exactly fitting in all my clothes and as the year progressed, instead of doing anything about it I kind of just ignored it and now I barely fit in any of my jeans. So I've made it a clear and tough goal to shift that weight and get back into my clothes and love them again. I have a full wardrobe that is bursting (I have to admit) but I barely wear a thing OR try it on in fear it doesn't fit anymore. I'm definitely changing that in 2017 because a) I miss being happy in my clothes b) I miss challenging my style c) I can't afford buying new things.
What Cat Wore In 2016

I'll face it, I'm more of a summer outfits girl than a winter one. I'm extremely reluctant to step out for photos or make any effort whatsoever for the winter, but in the summer I'm different. Outside at any given moment. I'm a summer girl through and through. I definitely peaked here and with a fresher looking wardrobe and a new job/training around the corner. I was pumped, excited and enjoying life at this point. Life did get suddenly busy though and posting outfits again took a huge dip. But like the weight thing, I'm changing that and I'm going to make more of an effort because I do love my clothes and I want to share more of the diversity in my wardrobe and my everyday style than just the new clothes I have and how I'm wearing it. So sue me if I'm a repeater of outfits this year - it's my style and this blog is a place where I keep it real so... YUP.

What Cat Wore In 2016

So my favourites. From the whole year it's got to be my red floral trousers and striped tee combo, my maxi shorts outfit I wore to an engagement party, the pink shift dress and long boots combo and also the white floral lace top and jeans too. Those were my favourites for versatility, how nice they looked on and how many times I've worn them too. Except for the maxi skirt - that was just banging for that day and I unfortunately haven't had anywhere else to wear it to since. Boo :(
But I've also got to say, I feel a lot better after reflecting on my style for the year. It's definitely not been my favourite or finest but I've definitely found my photo spot at least! Haha. And it's made me think about more small goals for my blog this year. Anyway - I di hope you enjoyed taking a nosey at my outfits for last year. I have my first one of the year coming along soon so I'm getting the ball rolling already! Woop-woop!

Let me know which outfits are your favourite and if you have read this far - thank you! I hope your year is off to a good start  and I'll speak to you all very soon ♥


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  1. I loved the Sammy dress top one and the leopard print skirt the most! Also loved the tartan dress and boots on you a lot! I remembered these outfits from when I read your posts too!

    Isobel x

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