2016 Highlights

Another year over and what a year it has been. I've got a lot to say about this year and I have to say it has been one of the best years of my life so far because of the amount of meaningful and amazing things that have happened. I've learned, I've hurdled, I've enjoyed and most of all, I have smiled throughout the majority of it!
IN 2016 I...
Back in October 2015, I completed my UCAS application to apply for my teacher training course and back in March this year, I got myself a place in the college I'm in now and the school I am training at. It is the biggest milestone of the year by far and I cried with happiness the day it happened! You guys are probably sick of me saying this, but it is such a huge thing and I'm so excited to complete it this year! ♥
I set myself a bunch of goals at the beginning of 2016. Throughout the year I've kept myself updated as to what they are and kept track of them all year. I may not have done amazingly with all of them, but the big ones I can definitely say I've completed and it's nice to say I have actually reached a good chunk of those goals. It means a lot to me to be able to do this because it's been a great way of keeping this into perspective and keeping myself motivated, busy and always working towards being the best. I won't go on anymore about it because I'd like to tell you more about them in my next post...
This year I made 3 rock-solid friendships for sure. You've probably seen the gang on Twitter and now we've even got our own hashtag. #twoportugueseagingerandasmurf ♥ These girls have been amazing this year, they're the true meaning of friendship. I love our WhatsApp chats and I especially love it when we meet up. We're quite the group really and I love each and every one of those girls! 
I can't forget meeting Isobel either! We got to know each other via a blogger Christmas card swap back in 2015 and met each other in London a couple of times this year. She's such an amazing girl, so much fun and achieved a lot in 2016. Hopefully, we can meet up again in 2017 a little more for some catch-ups! 
This year, John and I visited the beautiful Island of Santorini. It was honestly such a gorgeous island and we had an amazing time out there visiting all the towns, aweing at the sunsets and enjoying the views. We could have gone a little later in the year for a bit more sun and less wind but it was a lovely holiday just as it was! It was great to be able to tick it off the bucket list and visit somewhere new ♥
With Busted getting back together properly this year I was super psyched to get tickets to see Busted at the O2 back in May! It was amazing to see one of my favourite childhood bands playing their classic songs and sharing with us their new sound from their latest album too. I know a lot of people are a bit upset by their new sound but I'm not. Remember they're 30 somethings now - they're not going to always sing about living in the year 3000 and fancying their teachers!
Also this year, I attended some great events. The #VikingArtyParty, #BloggersBall, Schwarzkopf Live Colour Show, #BloggersFestival, #BloggersXmas and the #JohnLewisChristmas Craft event too! They've all been amazing events that I've felt so lucky and been so grateful to attend. It's been a great year of blogging and though I did hit a dip towards the end of the year, I'm hoping I can pick it up this year. Here's to another great year of blogging ♥

Phew, what a year! I know it's not been great for the world of politics and we've lost some pretty great inspirational people but for me personally, it has been a year of success. I achieved a lot and I'm truly proud of myself for the year I've had. 2017 is going to be even better though, and I think it will be for a lot of people. Here's to another year and a better one! ♥
What have been your highlights of 2016?


  1. Aw Cat I'm so glad I met you! Would so love to see you again this year! So jealous of you going to Santorini ;)

    Isobel x

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