2016 Goals - Update #2

What Cat Says - 2016 Goals - Update #2

Here we are at another 2016 goals update and a second one at that! I decided to do these updates when I reach particular goals, and they came along sooner than I thought and it's pleasantly surprising. If we're friends on Instagram or Twitter you probably know what goal I reached this week. Carry on reading to find out what it was, and what I'm setting as my next mini-goal!

So this week, I hit my main blogging goal and hit 1000 followers on BlogLovin! I was so excited and happy when I woke up on Thursday morning to find over 1000 people have clicked to follow me on BlogLovin. 1000 is such a huge milestone, and reaching it, I feel a lovely sense of achievement. I couldn't thank the people who've followed me enough for decided to read my blog and click the follow button. They made it possible, and I hope they know how much I appreciate every single follow ♥

I've been blogging for over 6 years now, and I've loved each and every year I've been blogging. Having an outlet where I can share whatever I like whenever I like is amazing. I've loved and still do love making new content, taking photographs, having wonderful opportunities and meeting all the amazing friends I've made through blogging.
I never built my blog to become a business or to get something from it but to have a fun and happy place to express, share and call my own. I'm so happy that it still is exactly what I set it out to be. Alas, I've never taken my blog as seriously as I do now. I schedule blog posts and tweets for those posts, I share behind the scenes and unboxings on Snapchat, I collaborate with brands and spend quality time when taking photos for my blog and Instagram. With that all in mind, I always made sure that I did it with the aspect of it being fun and enjoyable. I never let it stress me out, upset me or take a toll on my life in anyway, shape or form. My blog is definitely a big part of my life, but some things come first, and if I have loyal readers - my blog can take a break, and they (you) will understand. Which I know you will, because you're all amazing ♥! At the moment, I'm having the most fun with my blog that I ever have! I couldn't be happier, more inspired and motivated about blogging than I am right now ♥

As for my other goals for 2016. They are still in progress. I really wanted to have long hair again, and I wanted to try and maintain long nails but I've only got half way with this one. My hair is a happy length again, and I've even gone for an ombré as you may have seen already. As for my nails... Well I am consistently trying but they're so brittle and thin. It's a mission trying to strengthen them! But I'll carry on trying. I didn't get very far with reading more books at all, but it's got higher on my goals list so I might be able to say I've achieved it by December!
As for the blogging ones, I definitely feel like I've improved my photography skills. I'm happier with my photography now than I've ever been and though my What Cat Wore posts aren't as frequent anymore, I'm happier with their frequency and how they are at the moment. I like keeping them super realistic and my style.

Since reaching both my main blogging and life goals, I decided it would be a good idea to set mini-goals to try and reach by the end of the year. Though very small goals, I think they're suitable considering I'll be spending a significant amount of time now studying and working alongside my social life and blogging responsibilities!

  • 1.5k on BlogLovin' - of course I had to set myself another milestone number. And though I said this is a mini-goal, I feel like this is a good number to go for. I'd love for more people to discover my blog and read it! And what I want more is for people to enjoy my content and see what I am all about. I try really hard to make sure I write as if I'm having a chat with you, and to let my personality come through as much as possible! It's harder than you think to do that!
  • Diet Control - Something I've never spoken about on my blog is my battle with IBS. It's not something I'm ready to talk about in depth just yet, but it is something I'm not ashamed to admit I have. With my battle in mind, I am desperate to control it and now with the triggering stress and anxiety out of the picture, I can focus on figuring out what I can and can't eat. If I can have this under control at least 90% by Christmas, I'll be so happy!

With my main 2016 and life goal completed I honestly feel like I've accomplished and complete for the year. I feel like I got everything I wanted out of 2016 within 8 months! I start my course in just two weeks and I have never been so excited about going back to school. So even if I don't meet my other goals, I'll be happy that I at least completed my main goals!

If you want to see my original 2016 Goals post you can find it right here, and you can find my last update here!
How are you doing with your 2016 goals? Did you set yourself any?

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