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I love sunglasses! They're such a fun and playful summer accessory that come in what feels like an unlimited number of styles! I've got 8 pairs at the moment that I've collected over the last couple of years and I thought I would share them with you in video format! They're all really affordable at no more than £10 for any pair (apart from my prescription ones from Firmoo), and I'll explain why. But for now, sit back, watch and I hope you enjoy my little video montage!

Firmoo Sunglasses #OMJ8075 in Pink | CheapassSunglasses Orange Heat Sunglasses

So as I said, I've collected quite a few pairs of sunglasses over the years and lost a few too. I've either sat upon them in the car, on a chair or accidentally crushed them in my bag from carrying too much stuff and not protecting my sunglasses. This is why I don't buy expensive ones ever - I'm not very good with keeping them intact! Can you imagine sitting on your fave Dior So Real sunnies!? Gosh no... Too risky! It's why I'm never too precious with them. I look after them as well as I can but if I broke a pair of these, I wouldn't be too heartbroken.

The only one's I'd probably cry over are my beloved Firmoo sunglasses! Simply because they're my prescription sunglasses and I literally can't see in the sun without those. They're the only ones out of the £10 price range at around £30 with my lenses. They're my driving/everyday/I-need-to-see sunglasses! I'll need to start wearing contacts when I wear the rest of them though because my eye sight is a little bit ridiculous now :( boo.

Anyway! I hope you liked my video. Something a little different, I know but I thought it would be a fun format to play with on here ♥! What are your favourite sunnies in my collection? Can you recommend any cool and affordable places to shop for sunglasses?

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