Beauty | Colour Switch eBay Dupe

Beauty | Colour Switch eBay Dupe

Today we're going to be looking at a super cheap dupe for Vera Mona's Colour Switch. It's a pain having to use multiple brushes for one makeup look just because we're swapping from colour to colour. So when I heard about Vera Mona's Colour Switch on one of Grav3yard Girl, Bunny's video I wanted one. The problem being it was a little too expensive for my liking at around £18 on Amazon, so I hunted out a cheap eBay dupe for just over £2 on eBay. If that's not a cheap dupe I don't know what is! But does it work?

Beauty | Colour Switch eBay Dupe

Vera Moda's Colour Switch is supposed to allow you to swap between colours using the same brush. It's great for colourful makeup looks and swapping between colours no matter how similar or completely different the colours are. To use the Colour Switch, all you simply do is wipe or rub your brush along the black sponge which will remove the colour for you and allow you to use a new colour without residue of the previous colour. The colour collects at the bottom of the tin like a sieve for you to remove at a later time, and you can use both sides of the sponge. The Colour Switch Dupe will of course claim to do the same thing. Now watching Bunny's video, I could see clear evidence that the Vera Moda Colour Switch is a great working product and I was interested to see if the dupe worked just as well.

Beauty | Colour Switch eBay Dupe
Beauty | Colour Switch eBay Dupe

I've used the dupe for a good couple of weeks now and I have to say it has actually changed my make-up experience! It does exactly as the real thing would (judging by other people's testing of the real product), allowing switches between a great range of colours, leaving no residue of the previous colour behind and collecting the fallen pigments at the bottom of the tin for easy cleaning.

I tested this out with every make up look I've done since it arrived in the post. From simple nude smoky eyes to bright colourful looks. Recently I had a pink, orange and yellow eye makeup look and I used just two brushes for the whole look. I was able to clean easily between the colours and I didn't see any of the previous colour mix into where I was working the next colour. This was problematic for me before I had this dupe as I struggled to keep my colours separate.

I did wonder if it would affect the quality of my brushes and after a good couple of weeks use, I can happily say that it hasn't. It's also really easy to clean - just like a brush I used some cleanser and washed it by rubbing it between my hands and rinsing it off with clean water.

Beauty | Colour Switch eBay Dupe

I love this dupe. It's not only saved me spending a whole £16 but it works a charm and has genuinely changed my makeup experience. Not only have I experienced easy colour switching and better looking makeup looks, but it saves me time too! I don't have to go scrambling for another brush or cleaning the one I'm using with some makeup remover and waiting for it to dry.

Though I haven't tried the actual Colour Switch, I definitely recommend this dupe. If you're like me and you can't afford the real thing this is a great alternative!


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  1. I'll definitely be buying this Cat! Why did you not mention it to me before! Could you please send me the link on Twitter so I can buy this ASAP! :D

    Isobel x

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