Switching To Cruelty-Free Makeup

What Cat Says - Switching To Cruelty-Free Makeup

I'm very new to what we're talking about today. And though this is a new thing for me and I've still got a lot to learn, I felt a huge urge to talk about it. Today, I'm going to be having a little chit-chat/ramble about why I've decided to switch to cruelty-free makeup. It's something I never used to think about, but I've become a lot more aware of the things happening in the world recently and this is something I feel very passionate about. On top of that, it's a cause I feel I can help raise awareness for and contribute to by switching to cruelty-free from this day forward.

So a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I were talking about MAC makeup. As much as I admire MAC, I was always aware that they weren't exactly cruelty-free and always felt a pang of guilt  when I bought any of the five MAC pieces of makeup I've ever (and will ever) own. Talking about this and why animal testing is wrong, I angered myself and got really upset about it. It led me on a huge google search (hours I'm telling you) to see how many other brands that I loved or was interested in were or were not cruelty-free and the results shocked me.

What Cat Says - Switching To Cruelty-Free Makeup

Seeing lots of cruelty-free beauty bloggers pop up on my twitter, and reading some useful infographics with lists of cruelty-free and non-cruelty-free brands also made me very aware of the cause. I didn't pay 100% attention to those lists, but I searched for them again this time and I didn't want to believe it. I googled each brand individually and read multiple posts and disclaimers about each brand's animal testing policies. I read about the brands that sell to China, because by law their products will be tested on animals before they can be sold there. I read about how they can't confirm 100% animal testing free on the ingredients used in their products too but not on the final product. But I don't even want to buy makeup that has ingredients tested on animals. There were too many well known drugstore and high end brands that with their status could do so much to help fight again animal testing and change animal testing laws.

I also got so involved with it that the next day I made a super-long Snapchat rant about animal testing, and showed my makeup box split into cruelty-free and non-cruelty-free makeup and a group of makeup that is unidentified as either. Let's just say non-cruelty-free trumped both other groups together and the guilt and sadness in seeing this was too real.

Being a huge lover of makeup, but also a huge lover of animals it really hit home how the products I bought could have been animal tested, or the brands I bought from couldn't say they were cruelty-free. And though animal testing is banned and illegal in the EU, it doesn't stop those brands shipping to countries where it is not, or it is put in place by law. It's just the same to do that, because somewhere in the world, someone is hurting an animal for our cosmetic and beauty benefits where I would rather test the products myself. Those poor little animals can't say no, tell them to stop, or tell you if they're in pain. They don't want to do it and all they want is to be happy, loved and free - just like me, you or anyone else in the world does! We need to love and appreciate these animals... Not use them as test subjects :'(

What Cat Says - Switching To Cruelty-Free Makeup

After reading all about this online and through so many amazing blogs, I decided that I would do my part no matter how small it may seem to support cruelty-free brands and raise awareness on animal-testing and why it is wrong. And again, as small it may seem - I am one more person fighting against animal testing by not supporting the brands that still do animal test or trade with countries who do. I feel like I'm doing my part just switching over. Imagine what we could do if so many other people made the switch over to cruelty-free too?

As for the makeup I have now? I will continue to use it until it runs out. I have a huge amount of makeup that sits in the non-cruelty-free category and to be honest, I don't feel getting rid of it all will do anything to prevent or help the cause as the purchase has been done and unfortunately, I can't take that back. Instead, my purchases from now on will be cruelty-free makeup only, because right now that's all I can do to help fight against animal-testing. I will also be trying my very best to do the same with all my other beauty/bathroom products too after finding out about many of those brands who do/do-not animal test.

There are so many amazing brands that are cruelty-free and I'm so happy that I can support them as they support a cause I am newly and from here forward passionate about; and that I can buy their makeup guilt-free. I'll be buying much more from brands like Nyx, Lush, Seventeen, Makeup Revolution, GOSH, Real Techniques, Urban Decay and Bare Minerals. There are loads more brands, and actually Cruelty Free Kitty is a great website (I even have it bookmarked) to find out which brands are and are not cruelty free. You can bet I spent a long time on there having a good old browse!

As long as this is, do you think after reading this you can consider becoming party of the cruelty-free family and switching to cruelty-free beauty? Would you - or are you already a cruelty-free beauty blogger? :)


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  1. I've recently made the switch to cruelty free and am actually recognising how much power bloggers can have - every person who talks about cruelty-free/promotes it, could make a difference!