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I adore matte lipsticks! I love how they look on, and most of the time I find them to be longer wearing and amazing in colour. Even more so I'm getting into the world of liquid lipsticks which is quickly becoming a huge trend in the beauty world. Well, from what I've seen at least. Recently I discovered the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors by Revlon and because I've been using them so much recently I thought I could talk about each of them and share my thoughts!

First up is a colour called 'Love'. It is a beautiful bright red matte with a little orange tint in it I'd say. It's definitely towards the brighter spectrum of reds than the more classic and true reds. This was the first I bought of the four and probably my most worn colour too. I think it's absolutely gorgeous to brighten up simple makeup and the wear is great! I can go a whole day without having to reapply, but eating does fade the colour away a little bit with the need for a touch up. Once dry the colour has great staying power and is probably one of my most kiss-proof lipsticks.
Next up is a lovely pink colour called 'Devotion'. It's quite a natural pink colour and dried matte it has a dusky feel to it. I don't know if it's with particular make up looks I've been doing that it looks duskier, but it works and I like it. The staying power with Devotion is good too, but I wouldn't rate it as well as Love just because it does wear a little easier as the day goes on. It is less noticeable when it does wear though as it's quite a natural pink and works well with my natural lip colour. I often find it difficult to find a lighter pink shade that compliments my skin tone that isn't a bright or darker pink, but I think this one works quite well. What do you think?
This next colour is 'Addiction'. In the packaging it looks more like a dark pink-purple shade but when I applied it for the first time on my lips, I felt it looked more like a bright(ish) dark pink. Does that make sense? I definitely expected this colour to look a lot darker on the lips from my first impression and I was a little disappointed when I first applied it but nevertheless this is a great colour. I've grown to love it as found I wear it more often than I expected to actually! Just like Love I find this colour wears quite well with little need to touch up often but I do find that it isn't as kiss-proof as my favourite red. It's also a great matte alternative to a lipstick I have with a satin finish in a similar colour from MAC's Archie's Girl Collection called Daddy's Little Girl. I think they're very similar at least.
Last but not least we have 'Seduction'. Seduction is actually one of the first colours I wanted from the seven available in the UK, but every time I went to buy it, it was sold out! With it being sold out in stores on more than one occasion I imagined it must be a great colour and couldn't wait to finally find one, which I did (and the last one) in Tesco. Seduction is a pinky-nude and on the lighter side of your nude lipsticks. When I first swatched it on my hand and I thought it would make a wonderful nude colour. I loved the shade and though it didn't look very opaque, I thought I could probably build up the colour. But when I first put it on I was so disappointed. Despite knowing it probably wouldn't be as opaque as the other three, I didn't feel it was very buildable and dried matte, it looks like I'm not wearing product at all as it is so close to my natural lip colour, which was a little let down for me. I know a lot of people like the nearly nude lip colour, but I prefer seeing a significant difference in my lip colour when I apply product personally. But upon reflection, this might be why I'm so disappointed by it and why it may not look very opaque on. Nevertheless I still feel so gutted because I was so excited by it and it didn't live up to the expectations I had for it. Either way, I'm trying to work with it and found it works well layers with devotion to create a more muted pink shade.
In conclusion, despite a couple of bumps in terms of colour and opacity I absolutely love these matte lip colours by Revlon. I love that they are almost all kiss-proof, they dry perfectly matte and their staying power is better than I expected. A great addition to my lipstick collection and I would love to grab the other 3 available in the UK to finish up my collection of them at some time. I really hope they bring out more colours here too, as I've seen they've got some amazing darker shades and red shades I'd love to try out.
Have you tried the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors yet? What colour is your favourite?



  1. I keep meaning to try these, they're so pretty! Think I'm in love with the 'love' one, that colour's right up my street haha x

  2. I've seen these around and was curious of their staying power…'Love' looks absolutely perfectly :-)
    Life inside the Locket