So Saturday just gone, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the much anticipated Bloggers Ball at DSTRKT in London. The lovely Scarlett London organised the most amazing and fun event with a bunch of wonderful brands to connect with from food to fashion. I attended with my lovely cousin and new blogger on the scene Maria and we had a ball! (haha, get it!?) 

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my lack of photography and decent photographs. I tried my best, but I really feel like I was way too busy connecting with blogger friends I hadn't seen for a while, and visiting all the brand's tables! The first one we came across at the door was Luscombe which had some lovely drinks they were sharing. I tried the Raspberry Crush drink, but it wasn't my thing. I'm more of a fresh lemonade type of girl so I should have tried the Sicilian Lemonade really!

I instantly spotted two girls dressed as some Chanel handbags at the door which looked so much fun! They were from The Handbag Spa and had given me a great idea on getting myself a designer handbag for cheaper thanks to their designer handbag cleaning services. They can make any designer handbag look like new - so imagine buying one second hand and making it look like new in the end for a smaller investment than a brand new one? I like that idea to be honest! How awesome does the cake they have look too? SO realistic!
We also met the people at OnTheBeach.co.uk who we took some really fun photos with for their #BeachinBloggers competition. I had a lot of fun doing this with Tanya, Ana and Maria!


Next along, we met owner of the company Chriselli and he told us about his designer accessories brand and shared some of the things he has available. I was very impressed by some of the sunglasses case he showed me (I think from Louis Vuitton) that closed up entirely! He had a beautiful selection and worried me with his pebble looking chocolates that looked very nice, but very much like stones! Haha.

Bon Prix is a brand I've met before and very much liked meeting again. They were showcasing their latest collection and I was so in love with the prettiest pair of joggers they had on display! I loved seeing what they had to show us, and actually I've been on the website since for a browse.

On the Dot were a brand offering a really great service that I'm gutted I didn't take advantage of on the day! They are a brand that picks up your shopping and delivers it home when you want them. They are nationwide and worth having a look at! As long as you're shopping 5 miles or less from your home, you can have your shopping delivered to you when you're home! I was just out of the 5 miles but they still kindly offered to see if they could do it, but unfortunately I couldn't get back to them to take them up on the offer.

Another brand I really enjoyed meeting again was Toad Diaries! Last year at the #BloggersFestival I picked up one of their diaries and this year I'd love to pick up one of their new styles since they've just launched lots of new designs on their website. I particularly loved this diary with the little boats and I love the look of the artists their working with to create some amazing and pretty covers.

Now Monin were a brand I was pleasantly surprised by when I visited them! They were offering some pretty amazing drinks including a super fresh and tasty Yuzu Lemongrass Lemonade and a buzzing Chocolate Cookie Espresso Martini! I haven't had coffee in a LONG time so I was buzzing after that and I couldn't shut up for ages. It tasted amazing though and I can't wait to make more Chocolate Cookie flavoured cocktails at home now!

From all the products I received very generously at the ball on Saturday, Bravura's are the first I've tried and watch this space because I will be blogging about them! They were sharing their skincare range of oils and acid on the day and I'm really intrigued thanks to their great price range meaning it's a affordable for the studying girl like me. I will say, on first impressions I'm liking both the products I got to try from them.

Next up, I spotted chocolate! And what a magical rainbow of beautiful chocolate it was. I got to try some of these amazing flavours on the day and I can't wait to pop into my local Waitrose to taste some more. I'm really impressed with the Aromatic Fennel and I loved the Raspberry and Coconut flavour too. I have a beautiful bar of Orange and Thyme to try now, but I'll be reviewing this with my chocolate orange loving boyfriend! Please don't ask me how I've not eaten it yet! It's been hard!

Boho Betty were there showcasing an array of beautiful stacking bracelets that I never thought I'd enjoy. I'd never really been into fabric or beaded bracelets but after seeing these and trying a couple on, I'm really loving them and I'll be visiting their website soon to see what ones I can add into my accessories! I really loved the blue and white ones they had. They were beautiful.

Another brand featuring some designer bags I had heart eyes for was Tessuti, who are owned by JD Sport! They are a retailer online featuring lots of designer brands like Love Moschino, Vivienne Westwood and Calvin Klein. The girl at this stand was so lovely to talk to and I loved chatting to her about the brand and what they're looking to do with bloggers!

Last but not least, another brand I enjoyed chatting with were So...? They are a brand I've known since I was a teenager and I've always loved their products. Just the other day I bought So...? Kiss Me and I'm so excited to try out more of their range.
There were soooo many other brands that I'd met at the Bloggers Ball that I would have loved to mention, but we'd be here all day! I also really wish I took more photos, but it was so busy I didn't think to! The atmosphere was buzzing and there were a lot of people so I didn't get the chance to. But I'm sure you'll hear of more through the coming weeks!
I'd like to thank Scarlett yet again for organising such an amazing event. She works hard on them and it's so obvious when you get there. The hard work and effort really shows! She's the queen of blogger events! I hope she has a well deserved relaxing holiday in Thailand now!
If you were there and we didn't meet, I wish we did! I would have love to have met more blogger friends. But maybe at the next one!


  1. Those pebble looking chocolates were something else haha! The pressure to take a bite x


  2. This looks like so much fun! Sophie x


  3. Scarletts events are always so well organised and so much fun. I enjoyed seeing everyone and connecting with new brands. My personal fav was Seed & Bean.

    Caz | Style Lingua