Sleek i-Divine Matte Ultra Brights Palette

Since buying the Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance palette and falling for the beautiful colours and amazing pigmentation, I was pretty sure I'd love all the other palettes. A love of bright colours and finding out that my local Tesco stocks Sleek after a store beauty counter re-vamp (It's amazing btw), I ended up buying the Sleek i-Divine Matte Ultra Brights Palette.

Colours from L-R:
Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragonfly, Pucker, Bammi
Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Powi

At first sight the colours are super bright, almost neon. I was instantly excited about the palette and with a few swatches from the tester I was convinced it was the palette for me. 
I've been using this palette for a couple of weeks now, and I've grown a love for some of the colours, and a feeling of disappointment for some of the others. I was really excited about the lighter rarer colours like the white, grey and light pink. These were the colours I thought I'd be using a lot more than the rest, but it seems I mainly use the white, hotter pinks and bright greens. These colours are very nicely pigmented as I expected, and give a lovely opaque colour. But the others seem more sheer and harder to build the colour with. The light pink hardly shows, and even with the white as a base it's almost impossible to work with. The same goes for the grey, and the blues are in between, as a few layers does it some justice. As for the orange and the yellow, they work best with the white as a base.

In my opinion, the reason the colours aren't as opaque as I'd like is because they're all matte colours. I found the shimmery colours from the Vintage Romance palette were really opaque and pigmented whereas the matte ones weren't as much, but I didn't notice as much when I favoured the shimmery colours and used them more often.

I'm not completely disappointed with the palette as I've created a couple of really nice looks that I've got some nice compliments with, but I can't help but feel some disappointment in the colours that I expected more from. Today I'm wearing this look to match my daisy dress!
I love the Sleek range and I'd hate to knock it, but if you asked me about this palette I wouldn't recommend it. I myself wish I'd swatched all the colours before buying, but I made the mistake of not doing so. And although I haven't had the greatest experience with this palette it's not stopping me from thinking about my next palette! I'm really interested in the new Garden of Eden palette, Bad Girl and Sunset palette.

Have you got any of the Sleek i-Divine palettes? Which one is your favourite?

OH! I also just recently bought the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 2nd Edition Palette with some money I got for Christmas to spend on Amazon. I can't wait to get it and try it when it's got every colour you could want! I'm hoping this to be my best eye make up investment yet! Would you like to see this in a blog post at some point!?


  1. Oh My i love your blog.
    Not kidding, it's sooo lovely! definitely going to be one of my future must-reads!

    1. Oh thank you, that's so nice to hear :) I've just done it up! xx

  2. This looks great, but such a shame it didn't live up to expectations. I haven't tried anything from sleek before.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. It was a shame, but it hasn't put me off the brand at all! :) xx

  3. Oh wow this look you've created is soooo pretty! I really love Sleek - their lipsticks are incredible xxx

    1. Thanks!
      I'll have to try their lipsticks! I do want to :) xx