What Cat Wore: The 2013 Round Up!

Now that I look back at all my photos, I did blog a lot of outfits; even though I thought I hadn't. Although I still wish I posted more, and especially the last couple of months since I've got some really nice new pieces and there are some things from the summer that didn't even make the blog due to being busy, as well as partial lethargic behaviour and some procrastination.
My hair changed a lot over the last year, from ombre to lighter ombre, dark brown and then red ombre, caramel highlights to dark with a blunt fringe and now a blunt cut mid length which I am yet to show off! I prefer my current length to all the hair cuts I've had, but I'd love to get my summer caramel highlights back. I don't know why I got rid of those!
I also noticed in disappointment that I haven't got a recurring pattern or noticeable fashion style. I love my trousers, skirts, colours and white, I know that but what's my thing!? I wish I could find a theme in my fashion sense.... I intend on finding out this year! I'd also love to know where that dark green cardigan is now that I've seen it in that top right photo....

All my outfits can be found on the "What Cat Wore" tag up near the header! What's your favourite outfit from all of them? Mine have to be any of the ones with my monochrome trousers, neon yellow jumper or denim skater. I can't pick one!

CAT xo

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