Marc Jacobs Honey

I'm a very fussy girl when it comes to perfumes. I like very unique fragrances, preferably sweet and floral scents more than anything. So when Marc Jacob's released Honey, I knew it was a scent I was going to love, and immediately it was on my wishlist! So when Christmas came along and I got to unwrap this from John, I was a very happy Cat! He also went all out and bought me the gift set that came with the lotion and the shower gel. The bottle is just a dream to look at too with the typical Marc Jacobs style, covered in cute white polka dots and a couple of bumble bees for themes sake. Bee-utiful!

Marc Jacobs Honey is a warm, fruity and fresh fragrance combining honeysuckle, orange, peach, mandarin, vanilla and woody tones. I was slightly confused that there wasn't a stronger honey tone as expected, but with a fruity and quiet floral fragrance, it makes sense as to why it is called 'Honey' in the first place, reminding me of the first days of spring. As time goes by the sweet scents mellow and the honeysuckle, peach and vanilla tones dominate. It's not as sickly and heavy as you'd expect with a name like 'Honey' either, so it's not a fragrance you can expect to be overwhelmed with. The scent also lasts a good few hours before needing another spritz to keep the fragrance going.
Fresh, sunny and bright, this fragrance is definitely the one to wear throughout spring for me. It's unique scent has easily made Honey become one of my favourite perfumes to date. I haven't tried any of the other Marc Jacobs perfumes, but I would love to. I'd love to know which one my readers would recommend too, so let me know which one should be next on my wishlist!

What do you think of Marc Jacobs Honey?

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