Snow Days

Snow on trees
Person in a black and white hooded coat
Snow on leavesSnow in a garden
Snow on trees
Snow on a treeSnow on bushes
Snow in a field 

As expected, a post about my snowy viewings has popped up upon the blog!

Yesterday, the whole day was spent being snowed on from morning, 'til dark and with thick inches of snow covering the town. I dared not go out and have my lovely new camera be snowed on!

This morning on my way to work, I  took my camera with me and got a few pictures of my view. 

This has been my first chance to play with my new camera for some photography and since I spend most of my day time working, the walk to work was the only chance I got in the daylight!
Link me up to your snowy posts!
How much snowfall did you get in your area?


  1. your pictures are great! Snow makes everything look so beautiful :) x

  2. You look so cute all bundled up. It's just started snowing again here, I am not impressed! x

    1. lol! Thanks :P I was super warm! It's said to snow in my area too! I hope you don't get too much snow! XO