2 Years Strong ♥

This photo was from mine and my boyfriend's last holiday to Tenerife last year. It's my favourite photo by far because we both look ridiculously happy and we got cool parrots with us! It's different and it's an amazing memory. I have lots of favourites... but I think this one by far, because it's what I can see beyond the picture, and the memory behind it that makes me love it more ♥
2 year's ago after the New Year countdown, my lovely boyfriend and I made it official between us. And I'm so happy to say that two years on, I am still as happy as I was day one, day a hundred and one, and so on! 
You know that sort of love that doesn't feel like it's been two years, when in real time it has? That's the sort of thing we have. I like to say we have a relationship like no other, because it feels that way; Even though we banter, we laugh, we adventure together and we do all the typical couple stuff that everyone else does. It still feels like that one of a kind, no-one-will-ever-understand sort of love. And it feels amazing.
It's been such a great day and I just wanted to share my happiness... And now I just look forward to another amazing year ahead full of adventures and new things! Happy Anniversary John ♥

CAT xo
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  1. Such a sweet post, happy anniversary!x

  2. So sweet! You sound so happy together.. Good for you <3 xx

  3. Awww happy anniversary, you too look perfect together :)
    I have an almost identical picture like your from Tenerife too, I'm cradling the parrot.
    Where did you stay, it must be the asks parrot guy.

    1. Awww thanks!
      Really!? Wow! This was at the Luabay hotel in Costa Adeje! :) They had an amazing parrot show and did this just before :)