Lilac Leopard Nails

I'm never one to have the best nail art, and with my very small investment into some eBay dotting tools, I've been able to do some more intricate and detailed designs like I've always wanted to. 

Sometimes a toothpick dipped in nail polish does not suffice as a DIY dotting tool.

I've never been as creative as I'd like with my nail art because I didn't have the right tools to be, but now I do I decided that I would finally try to do a few nail designs and this lilac leopard print nail design is first proper design I've done apart from polka dot nails (easy).

I am really proud of it which is why I'm sharing it with you today. I feel like my nails have never looked as good as they do right now.
W7 Nails Ultimate Collection * (Christmas Gift)
Dotting Tool (Used) - eBay

A day on, the design has stayed on with minimal chipping so I am loving W7's polishes at the moment.

I always chip my nail polish, and for these not to chip so quick they must be good. They also dry really quickly too so it didn't take me long to wait for it to dry and even with quite a few layers. I was doing things normally 5 minutes after completing them. I'm super impressed with its durability and drying time!

I got these cute little minis from my boyfriend for Christmas in a set of 18. I wonder where he got them from, I love them so much!
I wonder what design I should do next.... Ideas?
What nail designs have you done recently?


  1. I'm loving this design- wow. Will need to give this a go

  2. Oh I love this, your nails look so cute. And I am obsessed with leopard print!!!
    And your sense of style is gorgeous..

    Btw your blog layout is so pretty! Great job :D

    xx Nita

    1. Thanks! Leopard print is timeless :D

      You're so lovely thanks for your lovely comment! XO

  3. w7 is quite a cute brand. I bought their magnetic nail varnish from Savers once and was quite impressed.

    1. They are aren't they? And not too expensive :) XO

  4. This is gorgeous! :) Thanks for sharing the dotting tool, I tried Models Own Nail Art pens and I found them to be pretty awful!

    I'd love to be able to do an Aztec nail design but I think I'll start with leopard print :P xx

    Sarah @ xx

    1. Thanks :) And you're welcome! I have Models Own make up brushes and they're good. I'd expect their nail ones to be too!

      I want to do Aztec too but it'd take SO long! XO