Papergang Unboxing | July 2020

It felt like just a couple of weeks ago that I got the last Papergang box and here we are with another. This month's box was designed by Elizabeth Owen and is probably one of the brightest boxes I've got to date. So, what's inside this month?

Papergang box packaging

Inside July's Papergang Box

Stationery laid out across a wooden surface

As you can see this month, we have a lot of blues, yellows with 'retro' vibes I think. We've got smiley faces, rainbows, stripes, floral patterns and the loveliest quote and I'm really into the vibe right now. It all ties in really well together and I feel may be the bets box for keeping everything fluid in terms of the theme.

Washi Tape

Washi tape close up

Hi, I'm Cat and I have a drawer full of washi tape and I'm not even sorry. I'm so glad to add another one to the collection and this one is so unbelievably cute. I plan on restarting my bullet journal and I'm thinking maybe I could have a month themed the same as this box using this washi tape and some of the other things we'll see in this box. Swatching it, I can see that the tape is a lot brighter on paper than it shows up on the roll. I was worried it was going to look washed out in colour, but it definitely doesn't!

Blank Calendar Card

Blank calendar card being held up

This calendar card fits so well with this month's theme and I think is a lovely design. I'm waiting for the end of the year before I make something with all the cards I've got so far but I'm glad to be adding this one to the collection!

Good Vibrations Greetings Card

A greeting card with the quote 'good vibrations' on the front
A greeting card with the quote 'good vibrations' on the front

This card is so pretty and the perfect card to give someone when you want to cheer them up or maybe even to celebrate something whether it be a good day or a success. It's such a lovely card and I'm happy to be adding it to my stash of greeting cards.

Having a stash of greeting cards of all sorts is so useful. It means that if I forget to get a card or I need one suddenly, I usually have something in my collection that'll work just perfect for the occasion.

A4ish Notebook

A large notebook, a greeting card and a calendar card laid out flat
A close up of a blue patterned notebook

I really enjoy the A4ish notebooks and think they're just lovely. I like that they're skinny because it feels like I can use it for something and maybe get a chance to finish it! I think this one will be perfect for me to take to work as I've got a use in mind for it already!

Gel Pens

A close up of three patterned gel pens
Three gel pens laid on a notepad

These gel pens are so lovely and the colours fit perfectly with the colour scheme of the box. I love that they've got these fun designs on them and I think they glide over the page like a dream making them perfect for doodling, writing or anything really.

I hate to put a downer on such a lovely box but I'm gutted that two of the three colours included were included in a box recently. I kind of feel like they may have been a little recycled for this box. It would have been nice to get some completely different colours to before. That green is a dream though!

A5 Notepad

Three gel pens laid on a notepad close up
A notepad with the quote 'have a good day' on the top

I use the Papergang A5 notepads all the time and think they're lovely for throwaway note taking and writing lists. I use them more often than a regular notebook at the moment and I don't think I feel as precious with these as I do a notebook because I can just rip the page off and start again. I think the design is so lovely and the quote is a great reminder to have each day!

Die Cut Sticky Page Markers

Die cut sticky page markers

I love these page markers and it's nice seeing something new in this month's box that we haven't had in a while. In fact, I'm not sure I've had page markers before at all... Either way, I use page markers an awful lot at work and I like to use them to make sure I can find things I need in books and folders. They're extremely useful and I love that I have some cute printed ones instead of the classic neon ones.

Stationery laid out flat on a wooden surface

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This box is so bright and colourful and I love that about it. I think we got some great pieces in here this month and though I'm disappointed about the pens, I like them anyway because I use them all the time. I'm really looking forward to putting these things into my current stationery circulation, especially the page markers and the notebooks.

I'm definitely going to put together a bullet journal theme inspired by this too because the design is just adorable and I love that washi tape!

Which piece is your favourite from this month's box? Also, if you're thinking of joining Papergang, PLEASE use my link here to subscribe so that I might be able to get some free boxes in future! Thank you in advance!

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