I Got A New Haircut!

Getting a haircut can be such a big deal, especially if you're thinking about going for a drastic change in your look. There's always the wonder and worry about whether it's a good choice and if it will look the way you expect it to. I'd been thinking about getting my hair cut short again for a few months now and I've been going back and forth in my mind about growing it even longer or cutting it all off. The idea popped into my head after I rediscovered a photo of 2015 me with the short hair that I absolutely loved. The idea of cutting it short again made me a little nervous since it'd grown so long in the last two years and had been enjoying having long hair.

Every girl gets the urge to cut it all off but my urge had been simmering for months. With a new academic year around the corner, a fresh start with my blogging and a  refreshed positive mindset towards life and the future, a haircut was the perfect way to celebrate all this and mark the beginning of a new and exciting time in my life. And so, I cut about 10 inches of hair off and gave myself a fresh new look that I'm absolutely obsessed with:

A picture of me with short brunette hair curled and just above the shoulder. I've got a copper smoky eye makeup look and a white t-shirt on.

Haircuts can be liberating and help a lot of people feel like a new person. I most definitely am one of these people and I have had a huge confidence boost. Not only do I love my new hair but I feel more confident in my looks overall too. It's strange but amazing how a simple haircut can change so much about the way you feel about yourself as a person as well as about the way you look. I certainly feel like a new person, with newfound confidence and someone who's got her life a little more together than it was a year ago!

Before & After

A picture of me with my wavy long hair mid way down my chest. I am wearing a camo print bodysuit.This is before I had my haircut.A picture of me with short curled hair just above my shoulders. I am wearing a camo bodysuit. This is after my haircut.

My Experience

For my new look, I went to a local independent salon called Hair & Now. I found them on Facebook after doing a little research about hairdressers in my local area and found a little place about 10 minutes from my home that had a lot of positive reviews. Having not been at a salon for almost two years I was nervous but they made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and I had a really lovely experience. I explained what I planned to do with my hair and showed my stylist pictures of what I wanted. He looked, listened and I could not be happier with the results! He even showed me how to curl my hair with GHDs (something I couldn't do before) so I can recreate the finished look again at home.

A selfie of me showing off my new haircut which is just above shoulder length and curled. My hand is placed behind my head and I am smiling.
A selfie of me with my new haircut which is just above shoulder length and curled. I am smiling and my hand is under my chin.

I definitely prefer having short hair than I do having long mainly because I think it suits me better. I love how healthy it looks and feels and I'm having fun learning how to style it all over again! I'm so happy with my new hair and it's a look I plan on keeping for the foreseeable future.

I'd love to hear your hair transformation stories. Have you had a drastic haircut before or did you go for a colour you've always wanted? Share your hair stories in the comments.