I'm Back! Let's Have A Quick Catch Up

Well, hello!

It's been a while since I posted regularly on my blog so it feels weird to be blogging a little bit. I think anyone who's been reading my blog for some time will notice that over the last couple of years I've been blogging very irregularly and simply because I had so much going on which got me into a bad place in my life and a huge rut with blogging. I wasn't really happy and I couldn't concentrate on blogging with things that were more important in life and my real career. But! I can happily say it is well in the past and I'm no longer worrying, in a place where I am really happy in life and ready to get back into being a blogger again!
I'm so excited about this new chapter because I want to get back to my blogging roots and be a bit more 'me' rather than some weird blogger persona I feel like I was putting across. I feel like it's going to be very diary-style with outfits, things I like, things I've been doing and very me! I even want to start sharing some of the artwork I'm starting to do on here again. I also want to avoid caring so much about the stats, Instagram likes, and all those things. I feel like if I focus on my content, I can soon get back to all that and build once I feel like I'm confident on my platform and what I'm posting again. With all that said, I am so far out of the loop in the blogosphere, it's ridiculous. I know things aren't the same as they were even a year ago so, what did I miss? What's new and what's out?

Anyway, with a quick explanation of what's been going on out of the way, I thought I'd have a quick catch up about some of my summer plans because I have some lovely things planned for few weeks ahead of me. I'm officially on holiday for the next four and a half weeks and I'm really looking forward to doing some new things and having some time to myself. I really want to go to a lavender farm and I've been seeing lots of pictures of people going to my local one on Instagram. I am going for the lavender because I absolutely love the stuff, but it'll also look amazing for the gram, right?
I've also found a pick our own strawberries and blueberries farm nearby that I also want to go to. John and I have pancakes at least once at the weekend and we love them with fresh fruit so I thought it'd be nice to go and pick some of our own. I've already found the farms that still have them available and I'm planning on going there either Friday or Saturday with John.

Image Source: Trip Savvy

Tomorrow I'm actually going on a fab last-minute city break to Brussels, Belgium! I'm so excited to be getting on a plane and going somewhere new because we haven't had a holiday since October 2017! We're only going for three days but I've made an itinerary of things to do and places to go including a day in Bruges hopefully. I can't wait to eat all the chocolate, waffles and 'frites' (which I hear are amazing). I'm not a beer person so I'll leave the beer drinking to John whilst I find some new cocktails to drink. I'll definitely be blogging about the break so keep an eye out for that post in the next week.

I am having to leave my little hamster Cracker and John's mums though because we're away which I'm feeling extremely guilty about. I'm a hardcore dedicated hamster mum now and I love him to pieces so I'm completely torn by this. I know he's going to be well looked after and he'll be fine but I feel like a bad hamster mum leaving him behind. We're driving him down to John's mum tonight so it'll be interesting to see how the car journey will be. Last time he was there, we had just bought him and he was in a little tiny box in my lap.

I actually have a post coming up soon about my trip to The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour! I finally went and can tick it off my list of things to do before I'm 30. It was so amazing and I am already excited about going to visit again sometime in the future. I might see if I can go again around Christmas time to see Hogwarts in the snow! Plus, I want to go to the shop again and potentially buy a birthday presents for myself.

Anyway, that's all from me. I just wanted to post something and catch up before I go away tomorrow. I hope you're all having a lovely summer so far and doing something nice over the next few weeks.

Cat xo

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