Oh Christmas Tree...

Since our very first Christmas together, John and I have decorated our own tree in his bedroom. I can't remember who's idea it, but it was a perfect one. We thought it would be nice to have a tree we could share and put our presents to each other underneath at first, but then also realised it was something we could take away to our first home together too and make more memories with. This is one of my favourite things about Christmas time, and I just thought it would be nice to share the pictures of what our tree looks like this year! I look forward to popping his presents underneath this year and watching him open them up! What do you think?

We've added new decorations over the last three years, and this year we added the little china Angel and Santa that we bought in Winter Wonderland, and also new lights. We noticed we'd unintentionally themed our tree red and silver, but at the moment it's draped in gold tinsel which we're yet to swap over for silver! We also got real candy canes on the tree this year too. It's a beautiful sight in the dark, especially with that cute little penguin sitting beside it! Have you decorated your tree yet? 

CAT xo

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