24th Birthday - My Presents

Last Friday I turned 24 years of age. Unfortunately due to Christmas creeping up fast, I had to work but it wasn't all too bad when I got a surprise cake and flowers from my work friends during my lunch! In the evening my boyfriend treated me to a lovely curry with some tv! Sometimes a nice quiet one in is all you need as long as your with the people you love.
He and my family bought me some lovely presents, so I thought I would share them with you.

My mum and me share and I was lucky enough to get not just those pretty pink heels from Miss Selfridge I'd been lusting for weeks on end, but a pair of slouchy knee high boots from New Look I've lived in since last week! They're amazing and I'm yet to show them off but I'm sure they'll be in a post very soon.
My siblings treated me to a set of pretty nails polishes too. Along with that a cute notebook that I really liked and made my wish list twice! Hehe, someone peeked at the blog!
My boyfriend is always spoiling me when it comes to gifts and he definitely did when he gave me the beautiful things above!
That pretty monochrome duffle coat from Jane Norman was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but with the boyfriend working so hard he forgot to hide it before I came round and saw it a couple of days before my birthday, so I received it a little earlier. It's so beautiful and fits like a charm. Speaking of charm, he also gave me the prettiest Thomas Sabo charm for my bracelet. If you follow me on Instagram you would know, as I posted it captioned "because he said he'd buy me a puppy".
On top of that, a Cath Kidston notebook, and sweets, and also my Enrapture Totem Styler I really I'd expect! I did say recently that I needed a set of curlers but not to him, so he must have remembered from a while a go! The sweetheart. I haven't had my hair straight since....!
Lastly, the best gift of them all, and I was in love at first sight!

Yes, the Ted Baker Purse I wishlisted time and time again, and it's finally made it into my sweet possession! I was so happy and so surprised when I opened it, and so impressed with how it looked. I instantly swapped over all my purse stuff from my old Topshop one, and couldn't wait to bring it into everyday use. I was over the moon with my gifts and homestly felt like I'd been thoroughly spoilt, with Christmas still yet to come...

I had such a lovely day, and this year I didn't make much of a big deal about it. 24 feels like a limbo number, I'm not quite mid twenties but I should be... Either way, I had a good day and though I kept it on the low down I got lots of happy birthdays and hugs from all my friends and family so I was happy!

I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging but it has been the craziest two weeks ever! I going to get back into the swing of things now all the crazy is over. How did all your Christmases go?

Cat, xo

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