10 Things You Can Do To Be Better At Saving Money

It's no doubt that saving money is on every adult's mind. There's always something to save for and without a doubt, there's always a reason to keep a cushion of money. The car might need a new tyre thanks to that slow puncture that just won't quit or the boiler packed in and you need it repaired ASAP. You might want to go on a holiday because wow, you need it! Or maybe you just want to make sure there's something to fall back on in case you're out of work or god forbid *touch wood*, something happened.

copper coins spread out

There are so many reasons to save whether it's for super important adult things or leisurely adventures.

Over the years I've learnt the value of saving and it's all about the little things you do. Saving those pennies do help an awful lot if you save properly.

Here are my top tips for saving money:

Open up a savings account

First and foremost, the most important thing you should do when saving is to open up a savings account. There are so many options and banks you can go to for this so shop around for what will be the best for you. Having a place to put your pennies is so important and it's also important to top it up regularly.

I put money away every month at the end of the month when I get paid rather than at the end just before I get paid. That way, I know I've saved something for the month and the rest is mine to spend or save as I wish. After bills and all that adult stuff of course.

Do you really need it?

Step back and ask yourself: is it worth it? Do I really need that? Can I afford it without breaking the bank?

There's nothing wrong with treating yourself at all, but it's always good to take some time to think about a purchase.

I do this often. For example, I recently put a bunch of stuff in my basket online and I looked through it all carefully thinking about the pieces I had. I left them in there for a day and then came back to it later. Anything I forgotten that I'd put in there, I took out because it didn't make an impact on me. And then, I looked again and thought about the "deals". Did I need two tops for £16 to save £2? No, I'd rather have the one I really want for £9 saving me £7. I ended up still buying things I wanted and treating myself and didn't spend money on things I didn't really need.

Think before you buy.

Pack a lunch

I pack my lunch as often as I can. I like to make my sandwiches, pasta or have leftovers from the night before. It fills me up more, makes me feel better about my lunchtime meals and I'm saving. It's also usually a lot healthier.

Walk or bike your commute

I love driving to work. I get to listen to my music or a podcast and I can sit down in the comfort of my own car. But, if I lived close enough, I would get a bike or walk to work.

I live too far from my work to commute in a more eco-friendly and inexpensive way but if I had the option, I totally would.

That fresh air will do you good too.

Don't make takeaways the norm

I used to be terrible for takeaways. I'd have one once or twice a week. I love a good Chinese or a curry but it's not always necessary. It's so easy to drive-thru your favourite takeaway too and grab something on the way home but it's so expensive compared to homecooked meals.

These days I have one once a month if I'm lucky and I've learnt how to recreate my favourite takeaways at home or buy cheaper alternatives from the supermarket.

Try and recreate your favourite takeaways at home or limit the number of times you frequent your local takeaways. It'll save you so much money.

And again, a lot healthier to make it yourself too!

Have movie nights or game nights

If you're a frequent cinema visitor, you can now get unlimited visitor passes that you pay for monthly. They save you so much money on your tickets, especially if you're going three or four times a month. But if this is still too expensive for you to commit to every month or makes you spend more, there are always other options to save you a little money.

I used to love going to the cinema or go out for a good game of bowling but sometimes it can get a little expensive. There's so much you can do at home too especially if you're an avid gamer, love a board game or have a subscription to something like Netflix or Sky Movies.

You can organise game nights or movie marathons with your date or friends and order in that takeaway treat. Or you could always get that at-home/supermarket alternative. I think supermarket popcorn is always better than cinema popcorn anyway and the fizzy drinks aren't completely diluted.

Get creative with what you have

There are so many ways to save just by being a little more creative.

  • DIY that old top or jeans into something new
  • Upcycle your furniture
  • Paint something
  • Shop your makeup stash and to create a new look
There are so many possibilities.

Make investment purchases

If you have to spend, spend well.

Sometimes it's worth spending that little bit more so that you don't have to spend it a little later. It might be with a better quality pair of boots or a new pair of jeans. It might be getting that games console because you know you'll use it well and it's not just an impulse buy.

Sometimes you have to spend a little more to get something a little better that will last a little longer.

If you really have to, get one of those crazy tin or ceramic money boxes you have to break to get into.

I remember getting a tin money box when I started working and putting in silver and gold coins in it regularly. I had a rule that I wasn't allowed to put in copper coins and I made sure I remembered the last time I put money in it.

It took a while to fill up but when I couldn't fit any more coins in, it was time to open it up. I had about £90 in there. I was so excited about it and the first thing I did was take it to the bank to change it for some notes. I'd saved it for Christmas and it was so useful having that little extra money.

Sometimes you don't miss those few pounds and pennies and putting them in a tin or a jar that you can't physically get into without breaking is the best option. Especially if you know you can't help but dip into it now and then.

I'm a lot better with money now but this was a great way to save when I was younger.

Limit yourself

Give yourself a spending limit.

I did this for a few months once and I only let myself spent £30 max a week and that was on petrol and everything. Any money I had from the week before I'd either save or pop into the next week for petrol and it helped me keep control of my coin a little more.

Spend your money as you wish, but sometimes capping yourself can make you think twice about your purchases.

Become so financially secure, you forget it's pay day.

Saving money is so important and something we need to learn to do as adults. You never know what's around the corner and having a cushion of cash is comforting. You feel stable, safe and secure somehow.

I used to worry about money all the time. I was awful for saving, but after some time and learning from other people (mainly my boyfriend), I learnt the value of saving and the sheer importance of it.

People don't talk about money a lot and it's easy to see why. The 'M' word is such a touchy subject for lots of people and it still is for me but I'm getting better with it.

I'd love to hear about your money-saving tips in the comments. Let's normalise the money talk!


  1. Fab post!

    I take a set amount of cash out for a week and stick to that, leaving my debit card at home so I'm not tempted...it works for me, most of the time!

    1. That's a great idea! I couldn't be dealing with that! Because then I know it's there to spend :(
      I like the idea of leaving your debit card at home though! Great tip! Thanks :) xo

  2. Great tips! I'm pretty good at saving money thankfully, although sometimes I just cave in and blow too much in one go! x

    1. I think my problems the caving in too! :( but I want to make sure I live by these tips for a while! I hope you liked them :D

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  4. These tips are probably the best in the world, since I'm like addicted to buying things and I need to save some money right now! Love this post!

    xoxo, Laura

    1. Oh! Thank you so much! :) that's really nice! I hope you like em enough to try them!? ^.^ xx

  5. Brilliant post! That money box is adorable xo

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope they're influential! :) xo

  7. Brilliant tips, I really need to start saving some money asap xxx

  8. Me too! That's why I decided to do this post so I could keep up with ways to save and share the tips that I'm going to use to help me! I hope you take a couple on, just to see if they will work! :) Xo