Graze Box

The other day at work I saw one of my friends eating out of a brown box parcel, and curious as a cat would be I asked what it was she was eating. Out of a brown box, it was a little odd! She told me of this advert that she saw on TV about a little box of dried foods and nibbles that comes to you in the post for days you set it up to be ordered for. More curious about it I went on to the website, and decided to try it out myself!

Your first graze box is free of charge and your second one is half price and from then on it is £3.50 for each box. You can set it up to order it for certain days of the week and if you need to you can roll it back a week if you don't fancy it that week. It's all explained on the website and I thought it would be a little fun to try it, also because there is no obligation to carry on with the box if you don't want to even after the first free box.

So after trying the contents of the graze box I came to the conclusion that I didn't like 'Lost Army' (top right) which is a mix of oriental crackers. A couple of them were a little bit hot... like they had chilli in!

I absolutely adored the 'Mississippi BBQ Pistachios' simply because I love pistachios! But the barbecue flavour was perfectly infused into the nuts!

I liked the 'Strawberry Milkshake', I wasn't too keen on the banana coins which usually I love but I guess because they still have some of the moisture in them where the banana coins that I usually have are completely dried which is how I like them, but other than that I loved having those little white chocolate buttons and the strawberries... I was surprised that I did like the strawberries.

I have to say my favourite was 'Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack'... because I love flapjacks and I loved these flapjacks best of all! I'm picky with them... they have to be soft and full of flavour which these were! I am a big fan of apple and cinnamon together, and this must be the best combination and especially put into a flapjack... literally 'OMG'ed at it.

So would I order a Graze Box again?
Graze randomised the contents of the box due to what you like when you sign up. You can choose what they can send, whether you like, love or would like to try it. If not you can "bin" it so you don't receive it. You can also say no nuts if you are allergic! I loved my first selection and the second one is half price so, Yes. I'll order one for Friday and I might decide again then... because I think a second tasting will be the decider... Just to get the feel of it!


  1. A while back there was an advert in the metro for a free graze box but I didn't order one. I've been hearing loads of people talk about them recently so I might give it a try! (: x

  2. This seems so great! Is this available in the states?

  3. No I don't think it is! Sorry! You should see if they do something like it! xx

  4. These look amazing! I really need to try one! xxx