Favourites of 2018 So Far

I can't believe how quick this year has gone. It feels like only yesterday I was wrapped in a coat, drinking countless cups of tea in a row and complaining about how difficult it is to drive in the snow. Now it's June and I'm just weeks away from moving into our new house and eating lunches in the beautiful sunshine. It's been a while since I shared some favourites of mine. I wasn't enjoying writing those posts as much anymore and began to feel more like a 'have to' thing rather than a 'want to'. Today, I want to, so here it is.

Botanics Micellar Cleanser & Dual Action Cleanser - This year I've made more of a conscious effort to make sure all that I use in my skincare routine is cruelty free as well as all my makeup. A few weeks ago I found this Botanics duo and it's done wonders for my skin. With dry and sensitive skin like mine, this is exactly what I needed because it does exactly what it says on the bottle. I love how quick the micellar cleanser cleans off tough makeup whilst the dual action cleanser picks up any left over residue. It's my new favourite duo and it rivals previous micellar cleansers I've tried. I've tried to find a source that confirms the brand is cruelty free but I haven't been able to. I'm going to see if I can contact the brand. The bottle says people tested so I assume that it is. Apologies if I'm wrong!

Jar Candles - I've always had a love for supermarket candles and it's because they're simple, they smell amazing and usually come in cute jars like this one. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what scent this one is because I took the sticker off the bottom but it's definitely something tropical and from Tesco. They're so much cheaper than our favourite Yankee Candle scents and to be honest, I prefer them because the packaging is better and I can reuse the jar for something else after.

Sleek VIP Lipstick in Private Booth - This has been my go-to lipstick all year and simply because it's the perfect nude shade for me. I bought this lipstick last year and didn't wear it a lot but early this year, I rediscovered it and have been wearing it almost every other day since. It looks amazing on because it's such a beautiful neutral but noticeable shade. It has a pink/coral tone to it which suits my olive skin tone and a lovely velvet look on the lips which I prefer over matte lipsticks. When it runs out it will most definitely be replaced. I really love this shade, the formula and is, of course, cruelty free!

Burt's Bees Blush Basin - Another lipstick I've been loving is this nude shade from Burt's Bees. I was a little upset about the brand after hearing some news that they weren't cruelty free anymore. Since then I've done my research and discovered that they are still cruelty free after reading My Beauty Bunny's post about them from March 2018. Anyway, like the Sleek lipstick, this one has a slight pink tone and is a little darker. The formula is so creamy and has a slight glossy finish to it. I love wearing this one for a more natural and simple everyday makeup look.

Tassel Earrings - I'm most definitely late to the party when it comes to tassel earrings but at first I didn't see the fuss. I also have super sensitive ears so sometimes earrings make my ears flare up and so for a long time, I hadn't bothered with the earring trends. But I thought I'd give them a go and bought two pairs from Tesco not too long ago. I don't wear them all the time but when I do, it's to jazz up an outfit and add a little something extra. These yellow ones are most definitely my favourite because they're not too out there but I have a dusty pink pair too that are bigger, longer and super cute too. I'm yet to show them off but it's just because they're studded and I'm not sure if they're going to do weird things to my ears or not.

CYO Volume Mascara - I went into my local boots about a month ago and I was so confused when I discovered they'd changed the beauty stands and I couldn't find the Barry M one anywhere. I looked for ages to find it because I really wanted to replace my everyday foundation. Instead I discovered CYO for the first time and after a google, found that they were a cruelty free brand. So being the curious Cat that I am and unable to find the Barry M makeup I was looking for, I decided to try CYO's foundation and also a new mascara. I haven't been getting on with mascaras recently and bought two that have been fails for me before buying this one, so when I used this for the first time, it was a relief to find one that I could work with. It's definitely volumising and also a little lengthening. I've been using it everyday since I picked it up and it was just what I was looking for.
Trouser & Blazer Two-Piece - This two-piece that I recently styled on my blog is my new favourite outfit in my wardrobe. Not only are the two pieces amazing together, but I've styled them both successfully separately too. I bought this on a recent shopping trip to find an interview outfit when I decided to try this out and see if I liked it, not thinking that I would. I was surprised with myself and realised that I probably haven't been giving myself a chance to try new things recently. This outfit has done wonders for my confidence and I actually wore this to the job interview and got the job, giving me even more reason to love this outfit. You can see how I styled this outfit here.

Silver Twist Necklace - This has been another addition to my jewellery that I have been surprisingly loving. I always thought I was a statement necklace kinda gal, but it turns out I love simple necklaces better. I got this one last minute whilst buying tights for an outfit I was going to wear to a ball that evening and I thought it might look nice with my dress. It did and since then it's been a staple for going-out outfits and even just to add a little interest to a simple outfit too. I love this necklace for it's simple but detailed look and on top it's just so versatile which is exactly what I need in my jewellery collection right now. 
So those are my favourites for 2018 so far. I haven't done a lot of shopping this year because I've been trying to save where I can for our house, so I've taken the few chances I've had to discover and try new things, whether it's been rediscovering what I have already, replacing things I need or buying outfits and accessories for certain things. I'm hoping I can share some home favourites when I move in so keep an eye out for that around August time, especially if you're into homewares.
What have been some of your favourites this year?

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  1. I love reading your cruelty free make up recommendations. That suit is definitely a favourite of mine too - you looked amazing in it <3

    G is for Gingers xx