Happy Things #13 (It's Back!)

Recently I've been having a bit of a blogger's block. But after going back to some of my older posts for some hopeful self-inspiration, I came across a series of posts I remember really enjoying writing and said I would post about half way through each month. This is my 'Happy Things' series which I did for an entire year from December 2015 to December 2016! I did it every month for a year and then I just stopped. But I can't remember why. Do you know what though? I reviving it.

My mum bought me an advent calendar. Today I came home to a chocolate advent calendar! She remembered that I wasn't best pleased when I was assumed to be too old for one of these. But when is one too old for chocolate!? Anyway, I have a Trolls one. How about you?

I saw the Coca-cola advert which means it's officially the Christmas season. I don't know what it is about this advert that marks it for me and actually, so many of us. But it does. I guess it's a classic that plays every year that we all know. It's iconic and it means Christmas is just around the corner! (34 days and counting btw...)

I am in Christmas pyjama with Christmas bedsheets. Well... can you tell I'm happy about Christmas yet? This year I have Christmas bed sheets and it sits well with my Christmas onesie. I would like some more Christmas themed pyjamas because I will spend the majority of my time in them over the 2 week holidays but for now I'm just happy I've Christmas-ed out my bed!

Even though I've made some big mistakes in next month's bullet journal pages, I love how it's beginning to look. I've been bullet journalling since September now and for December I've made the biggest mistakes in my bullet journal to date but I kind of don't mind. It's given me a challenge to fix it and I think I know how. It reminds me that if I don't want to make mistakes it takes careful planning and patience. It's one of those happy learning curves you know? I'm good with it. But that aside, my bullet journal is looking good and I can see the memories building up in it. It makes me smile.

I'm excited to paint again. A couple of Christmas projects and Youtube channels have really inspired me to get back into painting. I'm going to be painting a couple of things for Christmas but I also want to paint something for myself too. I don't know what it is but in my head it's sort of a mix of all my favourite Pokémon together on a canvas. Whatever it will be I'm happy to be inspired!

I have a new iPhone. So I just picked up my upgrade today from the shop and I've gone for an iPhone 7 from my little iPhone 6S. I got it in a silver to keep it simple and versatile too with cases. My old iPhone is good but it's just a bit worn out which is why I chose to upgrade. The memory was pretty full of whatever it is that takes up about 8GB, the sound wasn't amazing during calls, the screen cracked on its own and I couldn't silence it because the button was worn out. So it's nice to have something fresh and new to hand!

I've had some pretty awesome blogging opportunities. I've worked with some great brands over the last few months and I've got to say how grateful I am to have these opportunities. I've really appreciated all of them and I hope it shows when I blog about them afterwards. I've really loved the events this year and I've worked with some awesome brands. It's a nice feeling knowing that you've been approached for these things. It makes me feel like I'm doing something people like on my blog.

So those are just a few things I'm happy about this November. What are you happy about right now?


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  1. It sounds like things are really good for you right now! I'm jealous that you're getting into the festive spirit already <3

    G is for Gingers xx