January & February Through Instagram

What Cat Says - January & February Through Instagram

What a busy couple of months it has been for me and though I didn't think I had a lot to chat about until I my Instagram shots together to create a busy two months from New Year's Day and blogging events to studying and relaxing. It's been busy start to March too but I'll leave that to the end of the month.

What Cat Says - January & February Through Instagram

January was quite jam packed actually. In January I celebrated a 6 year anniversary with John, we didn't do much but we had a lovely dinner and spent some quality time together. I met up with my blogging besties for the #GoGlamGala where we got all dressed up, danced and took lots of photos. I also completed my third and final assignment for my course which was a load off my shoulders. I still have lots to do but it's feeling more manageable now that that's all over.

January also marked the start of a fitter me and I've been trying really hard to fit in some workouts every week and eat well. I'll be honest - there have been some pretty awful weeks but I'm still trying and it's conscious in my mind! I will hit that goal for 2017! ♥

What Cat Says - January & February Through Instagram

This month I celebrated Valentine's Day pretty casually with John. Being so close to our birthdays/Christmas/anniversary we don't really do much but we do exchange cards. This year we both went for a "punny" card which is my favourite sort of card. It shows how much we know and love each other when we got similar cards. Mine's so cute it's up on my little wall collage display thing!

John also bought me a 'well done' present for passing all my assignments with good results which was the Fitbit Charge 2! It's an awesome gadget and I've loved using it all this month so I'm definitely adding it into my monthly faves. It's made a huge difference to my awareness of my fitness levels too and I've been able to use it to track my active minutes, workouts, sleeping patterns and entering what I'm eating when I remember too.

I also went to Mega Jump this month which was a ton of fun. There was me, my brother and about 10 other people in the entire place so it felt like we had a free run of the place. If you haven't been to a trampoline park yet, I recommend you do. It's awesome cardio and a lot of fun!

As well as that work and studies have me running around like crazy. It's been a bit everywhere but I'm finally at that organised stage which is lovely. It means I might have some more time to focus on the blog now.

What Cat Says - January & February Through Instagram

How has your February treated you? I hope you had a great Valentine's Day whatever you did!

This March I'm looking forward to: warmer weather, spring flowers, floral dressing, blogging more regularly and fun little things at work like ducklings!

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