Presents - Christmas & Birthday

I have my birthday and Christmas fairly close to each other. With my birthday on the 20th and Christmas 5 days later you can say that's probably close enough and I feel more sorry for those who have it any closer!

I must have been good this year because I got some really nice presents and I thought it would be nice to share what I received between my birthday and Christmas. 

Black studded bag
Doodle phone case and chocolatesAn art set and mini art easle
A penguin adoption certificate and plush
Nail polish setsNew makeup
Knit your own scarf kitDove beauty gift set
A selection of books
Makeup gift setBeauty gift set
A polka dot dress folded upJumpers
Makeup gift sets
A bunny jumper and camera boxChocolates and a purse

Not pictured but in my previous post is my amazing new camera. Not pictured because I have taken these photos with my new toy and I am loving it!

I love everything I have but I feel like I'm really pleased with my camera, GHDs and penguin adoption the most! I really love my Warehouse bag too.

I can't wait to get started on my books too! I'm keen to get into my Listography and also finally attempting to knit my own scarf! :)

What did you get this year?


  1. What lovely presents :) my sister has her birthday pretty close to Christmas too means you still get your bday and xmas pressies! Aha the doodle phone case is such a good idea!! Xxx

    1. Thanks! I know everyone loves the case most! XO

  2. Wauw! Lovely pressies :D Loving the doodle iPhone case ♥