Holiday Clothing Haul

I am so excited because tomorrow I'll be off to Tenerife for a week!

I just wanted to share a few of the bits I got over the last few months for my holiday. I bought most of these pretty cheap and on sale so I ended up not spending too much.

All from: New Look, H&M, Primark, Fuse - Voulez Vous

I bought a couple of things from New Look: The Lime Bikini, Union Jack Shorts and Island Print Dress. I bought the dress about April time when it was first sunny and I thought I would be booking my holiday for July. It's stayed in my wardrobe this whole time and I'm so excited to wear it. I got the bikini with some discount even though it was on the sale because it's got a small red pen mark on the top half but I am completely in love with the colour - it being one of my favourites and so had to get it. I also got the shorts with a £20 voucher I won to spend in New Look.

Last week, I went to the H&M close to the store I was working down in London. I usually get a little put off by H&M sales for some odd reason I can't put my finger on it. But I went in and I ended up picking up these three tops and the lime bodycon all in the sale for less than £5!

Also whilst in London took a cheeky visit to the Oxford Street Primark and bought the penguin print playsuit, along with a bunny print one and 2 pairs of coloured flats! I ended up going to my local Primark too and buying the cutest blazer with pandas all over it. I'll have to outfit post it when I get back from holiday or just before I go.

Last but not least, the shoulder spiked top. I got this from a little concession called Voulez Vous in Fuse. It was a bargain and really wearable for work too since I have to wear black. I really can't wait to wear this.

I am really excited to be going away tomorrow!


  1. I love that studded black top. When I want to take my summer clothes into winter I usually layer, wear thermals underneath as some summery things are thin, and wear jackets over each other. My fav combo this winter was a leather jacket with a fur vest over it - super warm!

    1. Thanks! I never managed to wear it because it was too hot to wear!
      Oh! I like the idea of the jacket and the fur vest. I have those but they wouldn't look good together! XO