My Dolly Dog

A puppy sleepingA puppy play bowing

A puppy sleeping in a basketA dog sunbathing
From a cuddly pup to an agile rascal!
And from a little pup in a basket to a fully grown dog - still small and cute.

She is my first dog, and she is by far the most diva-ish, attitude-filled, small, yet so cute, cuddly and playful Jack Russell in the world. And I love her so much it's unreal.

Everyone loves their dog and think their dog is the best, and I'm just like everyone else - a biased dog parent. I remember the day I bought her home in August 2008. She was the size of my hand an the most amazing addition to the family since my little brother and sister!

She's amazing in all her attitude and love, even though she does eat the post, doesn't like strangers knocking on our door and goes mental when the newspaper is delivered. She is still the best "puppy" ever.