Papergang Unboxing | February 2020

If you hadn't guessed already, I've been subscribed to Ohh Deer's Papergang box for a couple of months now and I'm still absolutely loving it. The Papergang box is a monthly subscription box that includes around 4-6 pieces of stationery from paperclips and notebooks to postcards and rulers. I originally signed up to the Papergang box to stop myself spending so much money on stationery and thus so far, it has done just that. Not only do I get my stationery fix but I get to try out new things and in styles that I may not have chosen before. I also learn a lot through these boxes as Papergang recently seem to be doing a lot to raise awareness and money for a variety of causes. February's box is no exception!

A white subscription box.

About the Box

This month's Papergang box was designed by Jenny McGibbon and is in collaboration with ME association which raise money for people with chronic illnesses. This is such a fantastic cause to highlight because it's something that many people, including myself, don't know much about. Over the last couple of years, I have learnt a lot about chronic and invisible illnesses through bloggers and raising awareness online and so it's lovely to see Papergang working alongside an illustrator who also suffers from a chronic illness to raise some money and awareness for such an important cause. If you want to find out more about Jenny McGibbon, you can read her interview here on the Papergang blog.

Inside February's Box

A flat lay of the contents inside the subscription box.
This month's box has some great new things that I haven't received before in a box as well as some things that I haven't received for a while. It was a refreshing box and one I was really looking forward to. Some months, the Papergang emails come through with little clues and teasers about the next box and it showed some of the graphics Jenny designed. I loved the 70s style and the colour scheme so I knew this was going to be a good box. Spoiler: I loved it.

This is Tricky Ruler

A wooden ruler with red markings.
First up in this box, was this wooden ruler which I'm super excited about. First of all, I hadn't received a ruler yet and second of all, I loved the wooden style as opposed to a classic plastic ruler. A little eco-friendly as well as a gorgeous design. It's so different and refreshing to see something like this in a Papergang box and is something I added straight into my day to day stationery collection. This ruler is just so lovely and I have nothing more to say about it because it simply speaks for itself. Ugh. So cute.

Washi Tape

A roll of red washi tape with various quotes
A roll of red washi tape with various quotes rolled out.
In previous boxes, we have received washi tape but I don't think it's been this lovely. This tape includes all 12 of Jenny's graphic designs and slogans which I think are all great. They're such great motivational quotes and ones that speak to my mood at times. I think this will be great to cut out and use in my bullet journal from time to time for little motivational reminders or to express my mood about a particular day.

Nope Eraser

A pink eraser with the word nope printed on it.
Is it an eraser or a rubber? I like calling it a rubber but I know most of the time it's labelled an eraser. Anyway. How classical and cute is this thing? Again, an eraser isn't something I've had before in a Papergang box and is just so up my street because I use them so much. It's not one I'm going to use for a while but that's simply because I want to get rid of the ones I'm already using before I move onto using this one. It's a lovely classic shape and so perfect for day to day use. An amazing box so far right?

Motivational Patch

A round green patch that says inhale and exhale.
I am a total sucker for patches and so pleased to have another one to add to my jacket. My jacket is starting to look a little tacky at the moment because of the positioning of my patches and I think I want to take them off and start again by putting them all on the back but I can't wait to add this one to the collection. It's really lovely, simple and a great size too. I always worry patches aren't big enough but this one is just the right size.

Blank Calendar Postcard

A blank calendar postcard
A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing Instagram and came upon the Papergang box account where I found a highlight sharing all the different ways to use these blank calendar postcards. Now that I have some ideas, I'm really excited to put something together with all the ones I've collected so far. I love this one the most though of all the ones I've got. The design is bold, beautiful and fun.

Mindfulness Notebook

A blue notebook with the word Awake-ish on the front.
An A4 notebook opened up with various boxes on the page.
The inside cover of a notebook with various quotes.
This month's notebook is lovely as a large notebook for reminders and one I've already started using on a daily basis. It sits on my desk and in the morning I put the things I need to do and when I go back to check in the evening, I'm sure to fill in the rest of the boxes. It helps me reflect on my day and my productivity levels. I really like the design of the notebook and think it's fun and different to ones we've had before.

A flat lay of the contents of the subscription box.

February's box has definitely been much better than some of the previous boxes, especially over the last couple of months and potentially in the top 3 of all the boxes I've received simply because there have been different things in here and things I'm definitely going to use. I also like it when it's not just paper stationery in the box too.

As I always mention at the end of these posts, you can always subscribe to Papergang to get these boxes yourself and enjoy the fun of getting stationery in the post every month. If you want to help a girl out, you can always subscribe through my referral code so that I have a chance of getting a free box every now and then. I've also pre-ordered Ohh Deer's newest quarterly box, The Artful Box, which is an arty box for those who like to create. I'm really excited about this new box and hope it meets my high expectations!

What do you think of this month's box? What's your favourite thing from February's box. I think mine's definitely the ruler! It's just so useful to me!

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  1. I love the notebook and eraser!

    Isobel x