Five Favourites - January 2020

This year, I want to start a new series of monthly favourites but I want it to be a little bit different to your standard monthly favourites. In my old favourites posts, I used to write about all my favourites no matter what they were but this time I want to share five favourites from five different categories: beauty, fashion, entertainment, gaming and gadgets and then one miscellaneous favourite.

I always found that my favourites consisted of too many things and the reason for bringing it down to five things is to define what has been my absolute favourite thing from each of the five categories rather than my favourite three or four from each. I'm really excited about this series and I hope you enjoy it too. Without further ado, here are my five favourites for January.

Beauty | Jeffree Star Mini Breaker Palette 

This month, I've been using this palette A LOT and I've been loving it. I'm a huge fan of bright warm colours and love the pinks, oranges and purples in this palette. I've created so many looks with it and love the quality of the shadows. It's up there with all my other new palettes but it's definitely been the absolute favourite palette of the month.

Fashion | The £9 New Look Jumper

After seeing Maria J Blogs post about this high neck jumper in cream on Instagram over Christmas and New Year, I had to get one for myself but in Mint. I fell in love with it the minute I tried it on. It's cosy, it's stylish and it looks cool with everything. It's perfect! And it was just £9. NINE POUNDS. Gotta love a bargain.

Entertainment | The Crown on Netflix

Around Christmas, I decided to start watching The Crown just to see if I'd like it. It'd always been on my watch list but I never got around to it. Well... I'm a whole season in and loving it. I love the story, I can't stop googling to find out how much is true and how much is just made up. It's been really interesting and though I've not really got an opinion of the royals, I'm becoming a big fan of this series!

Gaming & Gadgets | Pokémon Shield

Another thing I really got into during the Christmas holidays was playing a lot of Nintendo Switch, especially since I'd been given three new games for my birthday and Christmas. One of them was Pokémon Shield which I completed in no time at all. I've been loving this game so much and even after completing the story there was still so much to do. I want to see if I can catch every single Pokemon possible and find all the little secrets and everything. I'm a really big kid at heart you know.

Misc | My Personalised £9.49 Papier 2020 Diary

I fell into the hype. I KNOW. But I think my new Papier diary is cute and I'm loving it (blogged all about it here)! I wanted something a little different and that would reflect the new style I want to be going for as the year progresses - girly, delicate and classy. I know it's a standard diary on the inside but I use a diary so much to organise my life, thoughts and everything else in between so it's essential for me! I used to like the £22 ones so this is a whole lot cheaper than that and a lot more my style now too. 

Of everything, I think the jumper is my most favourite thing of the month. I've worn it so many times and loved wearing it every time. What's been your favourite fashion piece this January?

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