10 Happy Things No.4

Most of my happy things have come from home comforts and friends this month because I've been spending an awful lot of time at home enjoy my creature comforts and otherwise being with friends and loving their company. I also found writing my happy list a little difficult this time, not because I haven't been happy because I have been, but because I try to make my lists as unrepetitive as possible and some of these I feel I've repeated this month. Either way, they've all put smiles on my face this month and that's what's most important.

A girl lounging on a grey sofa reading a book with her legs crossed at the knee.

  1. Enjoying my exercise
    Recently, I have taken up exercising at home at least 3 times a week and I have been enjoying every minute of it. I've been playing Ring Fit Adventure which has helped me on my journey to exercise regularly and moving around a lot more. I also went to a Bounce Body Fit Workshop with one of my best friends and had the best time. I'd do 6 hours of bouncing any day of the week! It's just been nice to enjoy exercise again for the first time in a long time without it feeling like a chore.
  2. The comfort and fun when wearing colourful socks
    I will never, ever get over the comfort and happiness I get from wearing socks. They're cosy, they warm your feet and as someone who's always cold, I always need socks! I realised the other day that I don't have any 'normal' coloured socks anymore. They're all colourful, novelty and cartoon socks and I don't care what anyone thinks of my loud footwear, I just really enjoy them. 
  3. Cuddles with my hamster
    Cracker has been so cuddly recently and I adore it. He's been sleeping in until really late so it worries me sometimes when he's still asleep at midnight but when he isn't sleeping, he's up doing his normal thing and always so happy to see me. It really is adorable that I have a hamster that loves to spend time with me, cuddle up and sleep in my arms
  4. Friendship
    I've been thinking a lot about friendships recently and once upon a time, I used to fear the idea of making friends and socialising. It gave me masses amount of anxiety and these days I'm in a place where I'm really comfortable and happy with the people I have around me. I read a quote the other day and it said: "I'm so glad friends don't have price tags. I could never afford the wonderful ones that I've got". It's so true and I hope they know how much I value them.
  5. Making amazing memories
    Speaking of friends, I went to one of my best friend's hen weekend this month and had the most amazing time. We made so many unforgettable new memories that we'll be laughing about until we're old and grey. It was such an amazing time and I'm just so glad I have the memories to take home with me.
  6. Finishing 1 of 12 books for the year
    I've been so proud of myself for being proactive in trying to complete many of my goals for 2020 including reading 12 books this year. I have just completed my first one and now I'm onto my second book. I'm currently reading through the Harry Potter series to start with but I started before the year began so I'm currently onto the Prisoner of Azkaban. 
  7. Seeing the sea even if it is in the rough Storm Dennis
    A bonus from my friend's hen weekend was that we spent it in Brighton which is my third favourite place in the UK after London and Great Yarmouth. I have some of the best memories from these places and they're where I feel happiest. I love seafronts for the view of sea and though the weather was atrocious that weekend, I appreciated the moments I got to see the sea, even if it was rough and grey. Any chance I get to see a seascape makes me happy.
  8. Slow cooking food
    A new favourite thing to do is slow cook my dinners. Not only is it really easy but I've been making up some new recipes. I've just made my own chicken sausage and bean casserole which tasted amazing. It makes me happy (and laugh) to know that a lazier way of cooking is actually making better meals than the ones I spend more time on! 
  9. My pop-out Valentine's card
    It sounds so cheesy but my card this year is so different from any other card John's given me before. It's a beautiful pop-up blossom tree and it's so lovely and pretty to look at. I can't get over how sweet it is and it puts a smile on my face every time I walk past it.
  10. Painting my nails
    After reorganising my nail polish collection, I found some patience and enjoyment in painting my nails again. I used to paint them all the time and any sign of a chip meant repainting them again, but for some reason I stopped painting them as often as I used to. Painting my nails felt a little like a chore after that and I was being impatient when waiting for them to dry but I've rediscovered that this is a nice opportunity to have some quiet time and focus on nothing but myself for a bit, especially since I'm busy a lot of the time these days. A little self-care here and there is good and essential for everyone.
What's been putting a smile onto your face recently?

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