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Last week, I decided to have a big makeup clearout and got rid of quite a lot of makeup. I threw away quite a lot of almost empty products that had found their way to the back of the draw, products I had way past their used by date and products that I stopped using because I didn't like them or because they just weren't being used at all. It was so nice to clear my collection and give it a little refresh. I could see what I actually had and if there was anything that needed replacing which called for a little shopping trip!

A flat lay on white wooden flooring of various beauty products.
It just so happened that I was going to Stafford City Westfield with my family a few days later and whilst I was there decided to pay a visit to Boots and Morphe (which I'd never been to before) to pick up a couple of things as a treat. I'm always looking for new and cruelty-free products to try and was excited to find new makeup from a few brands I haven't tried before or products I've heard lots about.

Makeup Obsession All A Blur Blurring Primer

A close up of the Makeup Obsession Blur Primer. The tube is mint green with a silver cap.
The first stop was Boots and I wasn't looking for anything in particular but found myself at the Makeup Obsession section looking at their face products. I've got a couple of their highlighters, blush palettes and their eyeshadows and enjoy them so I wanted to try something new from the brand. Makeup Obsession are a really affordable cruelty-free brand and because I've had a good experience with their products, decided to pick up this blurring primer. I haven't been using a primer recently and wanted to start using one again to smooth out my skin, especially since I have quite large pores around my t-zone. I haven't seen any reviews for it either but thought I'd try it out for myself. At just £6, I couldn't not!

Makeup Obsession Dewy Fix Fixing Spray

A close up of the Makeup Obsessions Dewy Finish Fixing Spray. The bottle is white with a spray top and an orange label.
Whilst I was at the Makeup Obsessions section, I decided to try one of their fixing sprays alongside a new primer. I'd just ran out of my Nyx one and though I really loved that, I wanted to try something new and a little more affordable. Depending on how well this spray works and how long it lasts depends if I go back to my Nyx one or try something a little more 'high-end'. When it comes to fixing my makeup, I always like a dewy finish because I've got quite dry skin and a matte finish doesn't work for me. And at just £6 too, I had to pick it up and give it a go.

Milani 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer

A close up of the Milani 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer. The bottle is glass with a black top and contains a fair skin toned liquid.
I had never ever heard of Milani until I popped into the Strafford City Boots so it was only natural for me to check and see if the brand was cruelty-free before exploring the brand a little more and I was pleased to find out that they are. I realised that my current foundation is about to run out so I decided to try one of Milani's foundations and see what it's like. What drew me to this one was the affordable price of £14.95, the fact that it's cruelty-free and the potential for a full coverage and flawless finish without the need for concealer on top. I like a medium to full coverage foundation but with my lack of sleep recently, I've started getting dark circles under my eyes and I wanted something that would cover that without using concealer with foundation. I got my sister to help me shade match and picked up the shade Creamy Vanilla. The foundation had quite a nice scent too but I just hope it won't be too overpowering when it comes to applying it. I'm currently using the Nyx Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation and love it so we'll see how it compares over the next few weeks.

P.Louise Base in Shade No.1

A close up of the P.Louise Base Primer box. The box is pink with gold stars around the edge.
If you watch Nikki Tutorials on YouTube, you will know that she swears by this as an eyeshadow primer, so when my sister and I saw it in the Morphe store, we had to pick one up. We both got shade number one because we wanted a light (but not white) base for our very colourful makeup looks. The 15ml tube was just £10 which I thought was super affordable, especially as you don't need that much product to prime your eyes. I'm so excited to use this and I can already tell you that I'm going to love it.

Jeffree Star Mini Breaker Palette

A close up of the Jeffree Star Mini Breaker Palette packaging. The box is neon green with white and pink splats over it.
A close up of the Jeffree Star Mini Breaker palette. The palette is white with blue and pink splats over and the Jeffree Star logo in pink under the words Mini Breaker.
My sister and I originally went to the Morphe store because 1. we'd never been before and 2. we wanted to check out the Jeffree Star collections really. I didn't expect to love the store as much as I do and I'm already thinking about when I get to go back because there were so many cruelty-free brands I want to see what else they have. It just so happened that when we were looking at the Jeffree Star makeup, found out that the Mini Breaker palette was on sale from £22 to £16 so we both picked up a palette as it was a deal we couldn't pass up on!

A close up of the inside nine shade of the Jeffree Star Mini Breaker palette. The palette contains three purple shades, two yellow/gold shades, one orange, one taupe and two pinks
Both my sister and I love creating brightly coloured makeup looks and until this year, we didn't own a single piece of Jeffree Star makeup. Back in November, I was lucky enough to be able to buy the Conspiracy palette for myself and the Mini Controversy for my little sis and it was then that we realised how nice the Jeffree Star eyeshadows are. Seeing the Mini Breaker on sale was too exciting for us and we had to have it. I'm so excited about all the bright and colourful eye looks I'm going to create with this!

I've fallen back in love with makeup recently and I'm so excited to try my new products and get creative with my makeup looks. I've already been testing some of these out over the last week and it's all positive thoughts so far. I might do some full reviews of of these products but I'll definitely be updating this post on a later date with reviews.

Have you bought anything new recently? Let me know in the comments what's new in your makeup collection!

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  1. The mini breakers look so nice and vibrant! Looks like you got some lovely new make up products Cat!

    Isobel x