What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday 2019

December is coming to a close which means all the festivities including my birthday are well and truly over. This year, I celebrated my 30th birthday and had the loveliest time celebrating it with all my family and friends. And of course, Christmas was all about being with my family. I even drove to my parent's house in my pyjamas to open presents together in the morning just like every Christmas morning before! With my birthday and Christmas so close, I thought I should finally make this one post instead of two. 

All my Christmas/Birthday gifts gathered together.

It's been a fab month and I'm so grateful to have been given so many beautiful things for both my birthday and Christmas. I'm such a nosy person and love seeing what people were given as gifts as well as sharing what I have been given too. All the things I've got this month have been such thoughtful and lovely gifts and I feel so, so lucky to have them. This time, I decided to group my gifts by category to make it easier to show them and I might have forgotten a couple because I'm too busy using them already so sorry if they're photographed separately!

A close up of gifts gathered together.
A close up of gifts gathered together.
A close up of gifts gathered together.
A close up of gifts gathered together.


Clothing gifts gathered together: hufflepuff pyjamas, brown boots, colourful scarf, koala slippers, yellow t-shirts, pink skirt, pink silk jumpsuit.

This year I got some real cute cosy stuff. I love receiving things like slippers, pyjamas, scarves, hats and socks - all things that I'm so happy to receive this year. The slippers have been on my feet every day since Christmas day and I've been living in my Hufflepuff pyjamas. I'm also a little obsessed with my new wardrobe additions. The pink skirt fits like a dream and how cute is my yellow bee t-shirt from my bestie Ana? I love it so much. It's clear my friends and family know me well - I got my favourite colours pink and yellow here to wear and cosies to get warm in.

Home & Beauty

Food and home related gifts together: gin advent calendar, duck coasters, two mugs, a gingerbread baking kit, candles, lush sets.
Food and home gifts together: lush gift sets, mugs, candles.
Food and home related gifts: gin advent calendar, gingerbread baking kit, coasters.
Huda Beauty Neon Orange Neon Obsessions Palette closed
The inside 9 colours of the Huda Beauty Neon Orange Neon Obsessions palette.

My biggest category is home and beauty this year and I'm so excited for some of the edible treats in this part. Not only did I get a ridiculous amount of chocolate, but I have these super cute gingerbread cookies to bake and all that gin to try! My dad got me the gin advent calendar because of the one time I told him how much I liked pink gin. Now, 24 different flavours/types of gin to try!
I also got some super cute mugs and coasters that fit me and my personality well. My friends got me the personalised mug with us and our names on and my sister got me the Mean Girls mug. Funny thing is, my friends and I do wear pink on Wednesdays when we remember to!
As well as some fabulous scented candles, I got my favourite Lush products in gift sets and my sister was so sweet and bought me a Huda Beauty palette! It was already being used in my make up collection which is why it's photographed separately. I'm telling you, it's the most gorgeous neon palette I've ever used!

Gadgets & Games

Gadget gifts, Ring Fit Adventure, Pokemon Sword, Just Dance 2020, Amazon Echo Show 5, Philips Hue bulbs.
Three Nintendo Switch games: Just Dance 2020, Ring Fit Adventure, Pokemon Sword.
Gadget gifts together.
Amazon Echo Show 5 set up.

I'm a gadget girl at heart and so when I received my Amazon Echo Show, I was bouncing and ready to get my own Alexa up and running. I've already linked her up to the TV and I'm buying a Philips bridge so that I can set up the hue lightbulbs! My living room is going to be a gadget queen's heaven when I'm done.
I was also really excited to get three new games for the switch, two of which are going to help me on my journey to a happier and healthier body as well as as being a lot of fun. I love the Just Dance games and I'm definitely going to sign up to unlimited so I can have all the songs! I also am really excited about Ring Fit Adventure. I've been playing it for the last week and for someone who doesn't exercise a lot, it is hard and exactly what I need to get started on my fitness journey.

Last but not least, I've almost racked up a 24 hours on the new Pokemon game! Now, I've photographed John's Pokemon Sword but I have Pokemon Shield which was a digital download. I'm absolutely obsessed with it, especially since it's clearly set in the UK. There are so many very English phrases and the names of the towns and cities are such British names! If you're a Pokemon fan like me and have a Nintendo Switch - Get this game! You won't regret it.


Jewellery gifts gathered together: a necklace, watch and charm.
A close up of a teardrop white gold necklace with an aquamarine stone and diamonds around the edge,
A Pandora charm with the Hufflepuff badge engraved into it.
The two parts of the Pandora Hufflepuff charm with the qualities of a Hufflepuff member engraved on a side.
An Olivia Burton watch with a purple/lilac floral face and glittery silver strap.

This category is one of my most precious categories because it has three pieces that are so special to me. My best friends got me the Pandora Hufflepuff charm for my Pandora bracelet and I'm so obsessed with it. It's extremely gorgeous and fits well with my personality and our friendship. I love them so much for such a personal and beautiful gift.

My parents got me a beautiful floral Olivia Burton watch which I'm so excited to have in my watch collection. I have three Olivia Burton watches now but this one is going to be my dressy watch! I adore the glittery effect of the strap and the floral design is delicate, fun and a statement.

Last but not least, John gave me the most beautiful white gold teardrop necklace. It is aquamarine and diamond and absolutely gorgeous. Like my watch, it's my dressy necklace and I've never had a dressy piece of jewellery like this before. I wear my other twisted white gold necklace on a daily basis but this one is for those special occasions and dressier days. I love, love, love it.

Stationery, Books & Experiences

A whitboard, Fantastic Beasts book, stationery set and a voucher.
A voucher for Bubba Gump restaurant in London
A Harry Potter stationery gift set.
Archive of Magic The Film Wizardry: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

In my last category, I have some really fun gifts. First up is my new magnetic whiteboard because John always jokes about making a cleaning rota. I sometimes get a little lazy and we both say about having a rota for doing this at home but now we can actually make one. Though it was a little bit of a joke, I actually love it. The whiteboard alongside my new Harry Potter stationery will definitely keep me in some sort of order. I'm always up for some (attempted) organisation.

Next, I have a gift voucher for the Bubba Gump restaurant in London that my brother gave me for my birthday. My brother and I always talked about going together since both our other halves hate sea food whereas we love it. It was also something to do on my 30 before 30 list but nevertheless, even though its after 30, I now have a voucher giving me no excuse to delay it any longer. Guarantee it'll be booked in the Spring when London is a little warmer and I'm a little less busy!

Last but not least, my brother gave me the most beautiful book for Christmas. It's the Archive of Magic for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and I adore it. Not only is it an amazing book but it's a great coffee table book and display piece. There are so many amazing pieces inside too that I don't know what to do with it just yet. I keep looking at it in awe. Such a pretty book and so happy to have it.

So that's what I got this year for both my birthday and Christmas. I hope you liked taking a peek and maybe gathering some ideas for gifts you might need in the future too. I really love all my presents and I hope that everyone who's given me these knows how much I love them. I'm sorry if I forgot anything too, it's because I probably used it already!

What's been your favourite gifts this Christmas? I don't know what mine is, there are just too many to choose from.

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