Papergang Unboxing - December 2019

I've had this post sitting in my drafts all month but it's finally time to show you what's inside December's Papergang box. This month, the box was all about getting ready for a new start in the new year. It was nice to see a box themed around new beginnings in December especially since it's usually themed around Christmas. I was really excited for the things in this box, especially the ring-bound notebook since it's Papergang's first one!

A letterbox size pink box with doodles all over and the papergang on the front.
A letterbox sized pink box opened up with hot pink tissue paper and a packet of sweets on the side.

Another great surprise this month was to see Papergang's new packaging. The box is now one of those cardboard boxes that you rip open meaning there's a lot less wasted packaging but it's still looking super cute. As usual, all the goodies were wrapped in tissue paper to keep everything together but there were also some Candy Kitten sweets in there too! That was a lovely surprise too.

In December 2019's Papergang Box:

A flat lay of things including a spiral bound notebook, a pin, flower shaped paper notes, stickers, four pens, a postcard and a packet of sweets.
A flat lay of a spiral bound notebook with the phrase 'go with the flow' on the front, purple flower shaped post-it notes and a packet of doodle stickers.
A flat lay of stickers, four pens, a postcard and sweets.

There is so much inside this month's box and it was nice to see some of my favourite things in here. I love receiving pens and the stickers are always great for my bullet journal. The colour scheme and the illustrations are gorgeous. The box was designed by Amy Lesko who in my opinion is already awesome simply because she loves hamsters and has one herself just like me!

Ring-bound Notebook

A spiral bound notebook with doodles on the front cover and the phrase: 'go with the flow' on the front in red letters.
The spiral bound notebook open with four coloured pens on top.

I'm so excited to see a ring-bound notebook. As much as I love a notebook that can be sat neatly on a shelf, I'm becoming more of a fan of ring-bound notebooks as they are just so much easier to use. This notebook has been designed to be more of an organisational notebook and something I'll be using at home to plan out my days. On one page it has a to-do list one side and a timetable to organise your day on the other. The next page is a notes page which is always useful for reminders and writing things you might need to at that moment. There's always an idea or a thought that pops in that I need to write down, especially when I'm trying to be organised and proactive.

Gel Pens

A purple, red, orange and black pen on top of a pink notebook.
A purple, red, orange and black pen on top of a notebook and writing in each pen.

I love a good gel pen. I often find that in a selection of gel pens there's always one that doesn't work very well, skips and isn't the colour you expected and so my expectations when getting gel pens is always very low. These on the other hand, surprised me because not only do they write smoothly but the colour is spot on too. I don't often find lighter colours like yellows, oranges and greens that are good but this orange is lovely as you can see in the picture above. I'm really happy with these and I can't wait to start using them.

Month Postcard, Sticky Notes and Stickers

A flat lay of the postcard with a calendar on, purple flower post it notes and a pack of doodle design stickers.
A close up of the purple flower post it notes. The middle is pale purple with a doodled face on.
A close up of a monthly calendar post card. It is pink with neon pink outline.

Next in the box was the month postcard which I really like the design for this month. I think the colours are very complementary to the theme of the box and the design is easier on the eye and clearer than previous postcards. The sticky notes are also very cute and something I've been using constantly since receiving the box.

Pink doodle designed stickers in a pack.

The stickers are really nice too and I like that there are four sheets of them. I adore the motivational quotes and I'm planning on doing a bullet journal month themed around the stickers to make the most of them.

Little Extras

A pin on black card. The pin is gold in the shape of a pencil with the word Papergang on it. The sweets are tropical mango Candy Kittens.

One of my best friends also gets the Papergang box and I was really surprised to find out that she didn't receive the pin this month so I'm not sure if it's something everyone was supposed to get this month or not. I don't know if it's because she has one from before from being subscribed for longer or if it was just in a few boxes. Either way, the pin I received though is a pencil with Papergang written across it. It's a very nice pin and has made it's way straight onto my landyard for work! I like the quality of the pin and it's a good size too.

Another nice addition to the box was the Candy Kitten sweets which are gluten free - perfect for the gluten free box subscribers like my friend! I love Candy Kittens already so it was a nice treat to have in the box whilst I took photos of it for this post.

I really like this month's box and in just a couple of weeks it'll be time for the January box which I've already seen sneak peeks for no thanks to my Facebook ads! I'm really enjoying these boxes and it's definitely keeping my stationery spend at bay like I wanted it to. It provides the stationery fix I need without fail!

Are you subscribed to the Papergang box yet? How about subscribing through my link to help a girl out? If just two of you subscribe using it, I can get a free box! Either way, I pay for them so it'd just be a bonus tbh.

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