Christmas Crafting with Viking

A couple of weeks ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Viking's Christmas Craft event. I've been to an event with Viking before and absolutely loved it. Last time we made printed file holders, made origami and practised our calligraphy whilst this time, we were making personalised baubles and Christmas pinatas! 

A flat lay of blue shredded paper, a black sharpie, half a plastic bauble with my name (Cat) on and a red Christmas bow.

The Venue

A window with various tall potted plants in front and a white glass cabinet with various ornaments inside.
A view of the main room in Shoreditch Treehouse. There is two tables with chairs, a sofa, grand piano and a staircase on the left.
A hanging wicker chair with green and white cushions inside.
A Christmas tree with personalised DIY baubles hanging from it.

The venue for the event was absolutely gorgeous. We were in Shoreditch Treehouse which was the loft of dreams. The kitchen was to die for, the decor was quirky, amazing and there was so much to see.

A flat lay of gold scissors and various ribbons, tape and card.
A pink paper with names on for personalised bauble making
A selection of paper photo props in a cup and plastic baubles ready to decorate around it.
A flat lay of all the materials needed for a DIY bauble. Plastic bauble halves, ribbon, scissors, sharpies, bows, card.

Seeing the Christmas tree up and all the Christmassy crafts out and read gave me amazing Christmas feels and I was so happy to be finally getting into the Christmas spirit! It was the best way to start getting into Christmas.


Rows of cheese tarlets!
Rows of smoked salmon rolled onto savoury pancakes.
Beetroot salad in a blue bowl.
A selection of foods including smoked salmon on a savoury pancake, a cheese tartlet and vegetarian sausage roll.

At the event, Viking very kindly fed us and we were treated with the most amazing spread of foods. There was smoked salmon on savoury pancakes, sausage rolls (ordinary and vegetarian), the most amazing cheese tartlet and so much more. I did go up a couple of times for those cheese tartlets and the veggie sausage rolls...

Personalised Baubles

A flat lay of all the materials needed for a personalised bauble. Plastic bauble halves, shredded blue paper, sharpie and a red bow.
A row of bags each including a different colour of shredded paper. (Blue, pink, orange, yellow and red.)

The very first thing we were making were personalised baubles. We were given the outer shells, sharpies, templates with our names on and ready shredded paper to fill our baubles with. The paper was shredded on Viking's range of paper shredders - a tool I use often at work and sometimes wish I had at home too! Shredders are not only great for getting rid of unwanted documents and paper but for recycling purposes and of course - crafts! I decided to go for blue paper for my bauble.

Bloggers conversing over a long table.
Bloggers being shown how to make a bauble over a long dining table.
Two bloggers watching the instructions intently.
A close up of my spot at the dining table. On the table there is my DSLR camera, iPhone, and sharpies.
A close up of my personalised bauble. It is filled with blue shredded paper and my name on the front in black sharpie. It has white snow spots over the top.

Once we had time to eat and had said hello to our fellow bloggers, we were shown how to make the baubles. I decided to take my name template and write it straight on the bauble. Having only three letters it was pretty simple. Sharpies are my favourite to use for crafts too so I was in my element. I also saw the white pen and decided to go for a falling snow design in the bauble. I put snowy polka dots all over the top and 'covered' the tops of my letters white as if the snow was sitting on them.

It was a simple but really effective craft and something that can be done by people of all ages! Whether you're filling it with shredded paper, tissue, faux snow or glitter, you can make a bauble that really suits you.

Christmas Bauble Pinata

aFranny and I making our Christmas pinatas and talking.
Franny and I making our Christmas pinatas taping up cardboard and talking.
Bloggers being shown how to complete the Christmas pinatas.
Bloggers being shown how to complete a Christmas pinata.
A view from the top of the stair case looking down at the room of bloggers making Christmas pinatas.
Franny and I talking whilst making pinatas.

Making the bauble pinata was so much fun. We had pre-cut pieces of cardboard that we stuck together using masking tape. We needed to use easily breakable materials but that could easily be pulled apart and so we were sure not to tape up our cardboard together too much. Once we were done, it was time to start putting the shredded paper on our cardboard baubles by pressing them onto strips of double-sided sticky tape. It was a technique I didn't think we'd be using but was surprisingly effective! I loved this and I think everyone else did too. The mess was immense but it was so much fun as well.

Franny and I talking and putting shredded paper on our pinatas.
My bauble shaped pinata covered in blue shredded paper.
My blue shredded paper pinata with gold paper on the top.

In the end, I think our baubles looked pretty awesome. I'm saving mine for a get-together around Christmas time at my house.

Me wearing a coat that looks like a bear with a bear head for a hood and bear claws for sleeves.Me wearing a coat that looks like a bear with a bear head for a hood and bear claws for sleeves.

The evening was really lovely. I got to meet some fantastic bloggers like Claire and Chanel and I also got to catch up with the lovely Franny. We took some Instagram shots for each other in some of the amazing spots in Shoreditch Treehouse and I cheekily put on the bear coat I found hanging on the stairs. I enjoyed the silliness. (Points if you know what I'm quoting)

Me sitting in the wicker hanging chair smiling and wearing a bright yellow jumper with white stars on.

Viking has always been a brand I admire and have worked with on a long term basis. As a teacher and stationery fanatic, I love brands like Viking who provide amazing stationery needs for everyone. I genuinely do shop with them when I need a bulk load of stationery whether it's for work or home and highly recommend them.

Photography credit: @egphotographer 

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