Papergang Unboxing - October 2019

After last month's Papergang box, I knew I had to stay subscribed. I used every piece of stationery in that box and found myself really looking forward to this month's box too which supports a fantastic cause. October's Papergang box was designed by Melanie Johnsson and was themed around 'mindfulness and positivity'. What's just as lovely is that £1 from every box sold will go to the Blurt Foundation which Papergang have partnered up with on this month's box.

First of all the colour scheme of the box is so cute. I love the doodle-like shapes and the pastels and warm tones running through the box. I expected a spooky theme for the month of October but it was nice to see that it wasn't and actually dedicated to raising awareness of an important cause that isn't talked about enough.

I'm not going to lie, I did see a sneak peek of the box before it came out on an Instagram stories ad and the spoiler was hard to miss. I knew what to expect but I was excited to see it properly and it didn't disappoint. This month's box had a gorgeous happiness planner, four beautifully coloured duo-ended pens, a set of positive postcards, a huge colouring poster and a calendar card.

Firstly, I wasn't really keen on the calendar card and found this month's design difficult to like. The colours are very neon and the design made my eyes feel like I was seeing double. I don't know if I'll use it like I did last month's because it makes me feel a little dizzy but the design just wasn't for me. I felt like the colour was too neon and didn't match the other things in the box as well. I think if it was darker like the outside of the box, I may have enjoyed it a lot more.

Next up, we have the four pens and the colouring poster which I'm really looking forward to colouring. I've always been into colouring books and have a nice collection of some at home I like to get out when I have some time off or need something to relax me on a difficult day. I have a week off next week and I plan to put some time aside to colour my poster and enter the competition attached to the bottom to win six months of boxes! If I love what I've coloured enough, I want to frame it. It's such a lovely positive quote.

The pens are absolutely amazing too. I didn't know what to expect from these because usually I'm disappointed by pens like this but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the brush end beautifully flexible and easy to use, but the fine liner end of the pen superseded my expectation too. The colour was exactly what I expected and wrote beautifully. Again, a couple are a little neon for me but I'm sure I'll use them on my bullet journal at some point for a really summery theme.

The best thing in the box had to be the happiness planner that was included. Inside the planner is a little timetable, space to doodle, a place to list successes of the day and other notes. These are across a double spread in the notebook. It's definitely nice to have a place to go to for positive thoughts, to reflect on the day and think about setting it up with a positive mindset. I've been using it since it arrived a couple of weeks ago and it's been a nice thing to do before bed.

Last but not least, we received a pretty set of scratch and reveal quote postcards which are already making their way up onto my notice board. They're a lot of fun to reveal and the word on the bottom right hand corner gives a little clue as to what the quote might be about which is nice. I really like this idea but for postcards, I did expect something a little sturdier. They're quite thin and I feel barely pass as postcards. Either way, I really like them and have scratch and revealed three of six quotes at this point!

Final thoughts

October's Papergang box is so pretty and I have enjoyed all the pieces in this box with my favourites being the happiness planner and the pens. I do think that the colours could have matched a little better throughout the box but considering the theme, it's nice that the patterns did which I feel is more important. I do feel that there aren't as many practical pieces in this box and I wish there were a few more, especially as I enjoyed so many of the practical pieces last month. With all that said, I'd still give this box a big thumbs up because I really liked it and I love the cause that it is raising awareness too.

Next month's box is really exciting as it's centrered around Hygge which I've just started to read about recently. I can't wait to see it especially as it'll be out for dispatch in just a couple of weeks! I'd love to see more practical things and maybe something like a pin or pretty greeting cards.

Have you subscribed to the Papergang box?

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What do you think of this month's box?

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  1. Everything look so colourful. I like it a lot !