Why It's Okay To Repeat Your Outfits

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of Instagram posts and stories about the stigma around outfit repeating. When I first started reading these I genuinely sat there with the most confused expression on my face wondering when was this ever a problem? I am a proud and avid outfit repeater and I have very rarely worried about whether I posted an outfit on Instagram before. I am so for normalising outfit repeating and think its something more people should be doing no matter what they're doing or where they're going.

Me sitting on my stairs looking down. I'm pulling back my short brown hair and wearing blue button down denim dress with a white t-shirt. The white t-shirt has black edging and a quote that says 'Being kind since 1989' on the front.

Outfit repeating has been something more and more people have become worried about on social media and particularly on Instagram. Posting or being seen in an outfit more than once has seemed to become a big no-no and the question I ask is: why? What is the real problem? So what if you're seen wearing that top that you actually again? So what if you're wearing the same amazing outfit to a different party? Wear it again because you love it! Wear it again because it makes you feel good! Because you styled that piece slightly differently and want to show how versatile it is. Because you want to show how fab it looks for work or for a date! Whether you're an influencer or not, being seen in the same outfit twice, thrice or more is not a crime.

I actually love seeing influencers and bloggers posting pieces they love more than once on their blogs and social media. I really enjoy it when they show off how versatile something may be and seeing how they style it differently the next time they wear it. I love seeing how amazing pieces can look for different scenarios and how to dress things up or down. I love seeing that influencers and bloggers and other people love their clothes and bought them with the intention of wearing them for as long as they love them. And I don't think to buy a piece and wear it once is doing anyone but fashion retailer any favours in the long run.

Me leaning back on neutral carpeted steps.I'm wearing a blue button down denim dress with a white t-shirt. The white t-shirt has black edging. I am leaning on one arm and the other is near my face touching my hair.

For me, outfit repeating means loving the pieces you purchase. It means spending savvy, being creative with your looks and not giving a care in the world to what people think about you re-wearing something. I have worn outfits repeatedly even on my blog and talked about being an outfit repeater then. I consider this blog a style and lifestyle blog, meaning I share my style with you whether you've seen me wear that piece before or not. Like this dress that I wore here and here, and this top that I wore here and here.  I like sharing how I wear clothes as well as what I wear. You know, I've even worn my prom dress twice; first for my prom and then as a bridesmaid dress for my mum and dad's wedding.

A close up of my outfit. I am wearing a blue button down denim dress with a white t-shirt with black edging. The t-shirt has a slogan that says 'being kind since 1989'.
Denim Dress & Top - H&M / Trainers - Converse

Just because lots of celebrities avoid repeating outfits doesn't mean we all should. Celebs sell what they wear and sell style, fashion and trends so they try and showcase as many different outfits a possible to influence as much as possible. In fact, I really love how celebs like Keira Knightley, Kate Middleton and Tiffany Haddish have repeated outfits showing that it's absolutely fine to outfit repeat. And nothing happened when they did. They didn't get backlash for it. Tiffany Haddish even spoke about wearing her Alexander McQueen dress over and over again on SNL and it was amazing! Be more like Tiffany Haddish - wear that piece again and again!

So why should we normalise outfit repeating?

The reason we should normalise it is because people are being given the idea that it's not okay to wear the same thing more than once and that we should give in to fast fashion. People are believing that they need to be adding new pieces to their wardrobes monthly, if not weekly. They're believing that it's not okay to go out in the same outfit again but with no solid reason as to why.

Repeating outfits should be normalised so that people have a healthy relationship with their clothes and how they feel about people seeing them in the same thing repeatedly. It should be normalised so that people can learn to buy clothing with the intention to love and wear it multiple times. In some way, repeating outfits could help save the planet especially as so much of it ends up in a landfill when people are finished with it. I could go on about this side of things but I think that would end up being a whole different post...

Me standing in front of a canal in Bruges. There is a bridge in the background and houses along the sides. There is a tree on the right and cars driving over the bridge. I am holding the silver banister wearing a blue button down denim dress and a white t-shirt with black edging. I am wearing black converse trainers on my feet.

I'm extremely comfortable with outfit repeating and I love to challenge myself to see how many different ways I can wear a piece. When I do buy something new, I buy pieces that are versatile and express my personality and style. I also think before I buy so that I know I can get a lot of wear out of and that I will love for a long time. Outfit repeating should be encouraged and I encourage you to have a go at it and do it if it's a worry of yours. Grow to be comfortable with wearing things more than once and share how you do it on your social media!

Let's normalise outfit repeating together.

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