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The Flowerful Collection - gifted items.

This week, I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Yardley London's new Flowerful fragrance collection. At the event I got to take a sneak peek and smell the three new fragrances from the Flowerful collection as well as the new Jewel Collection and Gentleman's Signature collection and their contemporary classics range. There was a lot to see, but of course the Flowerful Collection was the star of the show that night.

The collection consists of three new fragrances that have been inspired by floral bouquets: Decadent Mimosa, Luxe Gardenia and Elegant Iris. Each scent is completely different to the next and has been inspired by the flowers they are proudly named after. Each of these scents retails for just £20, so it is an absolute bargain compared to the designer fragrance market.

Elegant Iris

Each fragrance in this collection is gorgeous and so unique, but I have to say that Elegant Iris was my favourite of the three. The scent is a floral woody scent with daisy, green leaf and red fruit top notes. This is combined with iris, wild rose, freesia and jasmine heart notes and a woody-amber base note. I'm no expert on which are the top notes, mid notes and base notes so I deeply apologise if I'm wrong about the notes, but I'm going on the information from the info card on the evening! I think they're in order of top to base notes... It looks like it. Just a disclaimer FYI.
I'm already a big fan of floral scents but I know that I often buy fragrances with jasmine and fruity tones, which is why I think I love this one so much. It really suits what I like and what I look for in a fragrance and it reminds me of a warm spring morning.

Luxe Gardenia

I'm not normally a fan of white floral scents, but the uniqueness of this fragrance surprised me and I really liked it. Luxe Gardenia is of course inspired by large white florals but it has some notes in that I didn't expect to smell. This scent begins with bergamot followed by sea salt and coconut water. I remember distinctly smelling the sea salt and coconut water which is what makes this scent so unique. The heart tones are of course, gardenia as well as magnolia, orange blossom and frangipani finished off with base notes of amber and vanilla. It's a scent that makes me think of all things white, fresh, clean and romantic. 

If I'm being totally honest, I didn't think I'd like it because I don't normally go for white floral scents, but the sea salt and coconut water changed this one for me. I really like it and think it's a great luxurious fragrance.

Decadent Mimosa

This is the final scent of the three and one that instantly made me think of holidays to warm countries like Cyprus, Kos and Portugal. It took me back to warmer days and made me feel instantly happy. This scent is supposed to make you think of a summer's day with top notes of spicy friut, mandarin, pear and pink pepper. It's followed by the heart notes of mimosa flowers, violet, iris and lily of the valley and ends with the base notes if sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It's a truly beautiful scent and reminds me of some others I have in my own fragrance collection.

The Gentleman's Signature Collection

I didn't spend a lot of time looking at this collection but I did like seeing that Yarley London do scents for men as well as I did have a smell of a couple that I thought I'd like to gift to John. I particularly likes the Elite scent which has top notes of basil and grapefruit, heart notes of pine and vetiver and base notes of sandalwood, dry amber and patchouli.
I did also want to smell Urbane because one of the fab girls showing off the collection told me that that was one of the most popular ones, but unfortunately it had ran out! The scent has top notes of bergamot and lavender with heart notes of thyme, tarragon and base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and musk. Each of these retail for £20, so again, it is a bargain compared to the designer fragrance market. I'll have to pop into my local Boots to see if I can smell that one next time.

Jewel Collection

Another collection at the event was The Collection which is made up of five floral fragrances inspired by jewels. Out of the five, I definitely liked Poppy Diamond and I also liked Lilac Amethyst. Poppy diamond has top notes of pear, bergamot, and honey, heart notes of rose, peony and lily of the valley with base notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla. Lilac Amethyst has top notes of pear, lemon, bergamot and basil, heart notes of fig, peach, spicy black pepper and heliotrope and base notes of woody and spicy amber. Just like the collections above, the scents retail at £20.

Classic Contemporary

Last but not least, I also got to see a lot of the Classic Contemporary collection which is their usual range that you can find in your local Boots or online. Yardley London have a fab collection, all inspired by florals and cover various products such as body scrubs, lotions, body washes, eau de toilettes and body mists. They have a fabulous range with something for everyone in a variety of fragrances. My favourites were English Rose and English Bluebell.

Something worth mentioning is that Yardley London are a cruelty free brand! (Yay!) Before confirming my attendance to the event, I did my research and found out that the brand do not test on animals and are very clear about where there products come from on their website. At the event, I also found out that their fragrances are suitable for vegans because they have moved towards plant based alcohols and 90% naturally derived ingredients. This was amazing information to hear as I know it's not always easy for vegans to find products they can use.

I really enjoyed attending this event and I'd just like to say thank you to Yardley London for having me at the launch to their latest collection and for gifting me all three scents in the collection. You can find all the collections at Boots in-store and online, The Perfume Shop online and from Yardley London also. 

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