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Mother's Day Moonpig Event
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This year, Mother's Day is on the 31st March 2019. It's an amazing day to celebrate mother's, mother figures and any other amazing women who have bought us up. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Moonpig HQ for their Mother's Day Event where I got to see their Mother's Day collections and learn all about their campaign to celebrate Mother's Day this year.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to bring my mum along with me because she was away for my Aunt's birthday in France, so instead I went with my sister. We got to the event quite early and so we had some time to settle down and have a little look around the venue. Moonpig's Head Office is gorgeous and I was excited to see everything all set up for the day. We were welcomed with mocktails and sat down ready for the presentation to start the afternoon off.


As everyone turned up, I took the opportunity to take photos of all the gorgeous gifts and collections they had displayed on tables all around the room. As someone who always goes out for gifts, it was amazing to see that all this is actually available on their website in the click of a button. I hate to say it, but I didn't quite realise how much Moonpig did other than cards...

After a while, it was time for the afternoon to begin with a short presentation about Moonpig and first looks at their new advert for Mother's Day. We were then run through how the afternoon would work and what we'd be up to. 

Cocktail Making - Fun At The Fair

First for us was cocktail making. I'm not much of a cocktail connoisseur so it was a great opportunity to learn how to make a fun one that would be perfect for the summer. This cocktail was called 'Fun at the Fair' and was a play on the little bags of goldfish you'd win back in the day when that was allowed. It was fairly simple (and fun) to make and tasted amazing! It has blue curacao, pomegranate syrup, citrus juice, vodka and was topped off with lilt, a lot of ice and a couple of gummy fish.

The thing about this cocktail is that it actually reminds me of the days my mum took me to the school fair and we'd win goldfish and would have to go home to make sure we'd get them in a bowl so they'd survive! I remember getting about five one year...

Afternoon Tea

After making cocktails, it was time for afternoon tea to be served. It was served in the most gorgeous crockery that my mum would have loved to drink from with floral teapots, cups and saucers, little sugar pots and jugs of milk. It was your classic afternoon tea and we tried a little bit of everything. The bakewell tart was definitely my favourite but the best part of afternoon tea is always the scones.

Personalised Mother's Day Cards with Moonpig

Once we'd finished tea, we were taken to the next station where we'd be making a personalised Mother's Day card for our lovely mum. Me and my sister jumped into the booth where we took a lovely picture together and then jumped onto a laptop where we personalised a Mother's Day card of our choice. We picked a really lovely one that our mum has already seen (she opened it early) and loved!

The special thing about Moonpig cards is the ability to personalise them. I spend too long in stores going through all the cards, trying to find the right one. But in just a few short minutes, my sister and I had taken a photo and personalised our own. For that reason, it was more special, heart-felt, unique and took less time than running down to the shops to get one.

Flower Arranging

Our last stop was flower arranging. If you didn't know (I didn't), Moopig do flowers and I bet you half of you didn't know either, and have never ordered flowers online before. The lovely florists at Moonpig told us all about the process of how they get their flowers and arrangements and how they get from them to us as customers. Finding out about the process gave me the confidence that I'd be buying great quality flowers that would be well looked after in transit and get to me or the receiver of the gift safely. It was also really lovely to learn about how to look after flowers once they get home. I learned a lot about what vase to choose, how to cut ends off, when to change water and what to do when flowers start to die. Also, never have them near fruit.

We were very lucky too as we got to take both bouquets home with us. Both bouquets are still looking amazing a week later and the lillies which were closed on the day are now bloomed and looking beautiful! You can view Moonpig's gorgeous Mother's Day bouquet range online now.

Mother's Day Gifts from

Around the room, Moonpig had displayed a huge variety of cards, bouquets and gifts available especially for Mother's Day. Walking around, my sister and I found some things our mum would definitely love, like the 'Mum Flower Pots' and some of the hampers. My mum absolutely loves flowers, all things afternoon tea related and recently wants to do a lot more experience days out and things like that. I have a few gift ideas now that I've had a good look at the range.
You can view the range on their website right here.

On top of all the gifts, Moonpig showcased the variety of cards they have available. It was nice to see all the different cards and how they can be personalised, edited and the different sizes they come in. Having made and personalised a card on the day too was lovely because we got to see how the process works and actually, how easy and simple it is. Go and see how easy it is for yourself on the Moonpig website.

Goodie Bag

At the end of such a fabulous afternoon, we were generously and kindly gifted with a goodie bag each which included the contents seen above. I love a cocktail but I don't often make them at home but I'm already looking into buying a cocktail making kit so I can make some of the fabulous cocktails in the cocktail book we were given. My sister got the mug shown and I got one that suited my sense of humour. We were also given a fab blank card which would be perfect for any occasion and a bag of bath crumble that I can't wait to use! I've used the Miss Patisserie bath crumble before so I know I like it.

I'd like to thank Moonpig on behalf of my sister and I for such a fantastic afternoon and such fabulous gifts for both of us and our beautiful mum.

Don't forget that Mother's Day is on Sunday 31st March 2019 and you can check out Moonpig's Mother's Day collection for cards, gifts and flower bouquets at (cue singing that with the jingle)!

Photo credit - All photos have been taken by either myself or Elouisa, the photographer on the day for

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