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As some of you may know, I decided to go cruelty free with my beauty products about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have one go-to cruelty free brand for nail polish after discovering how many nail polish brands are not cruelty free. Not long ago I was introduced to All That Jazz, an online nail polish brand who are cruelty free and have quite a beautiful collection of polishes available at £3.99 each or collection sets of 4 for £11.97. They were kind enough to send me their latest 'Designer' collection to review and after a couple of weeks of testing them out, I'm ready to share the verdict on these polishes.

The Nail Polishes

From left to right we have: Vivienne which is a gorgeous vivid purple with blue flecks; Coco - a beautiful metallic red; Vera which is a muted taupe-nude and finally Betsey - a glittery silver and holographic polish. These polishes are clearly named after fashion icons: Vivienne Westwood, Coco Chanel, Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson and if you know them and their statement styles, you'll notice how well these colours match them.

The Review

Over the last two weeks I've been testing these beauts out on my natural nails. Unfortunately, I've not been blessed with strong nails, beautiful long beds or developed the skills to help my nails grow naturally, so you've got my short stubby nails to look at. Soz.
As I was saying, I've been seeing how these polishes both perform and look with and without topcoats and also how they cope under my usual day to day routine. Now, I'm not the most gentle with my hands so they were up for a challenge and I was interested to see how these held up. All nail polishes are different, so I'm going to review them as separate colours, especially as they all have different elements to them.


This polish is a beautiful deep metallic red and I was pleasantly surprised to see it apply beautifully with a perfectly opaque look in just one coat. If you're like me, you'll be pretty impatient with your nails and letting them dry between coats so I was pleased to find out my favourite colour of the four didn't really need more than one. Nevertheless to get the full effect I was sure to apply two coats. Without a topcoat the polish isn't as glossy as I'd like so I much prefer it with a topcoat to make sure it's metallic look glistens as beautifully as it does when wet and in the bottle.


Vivienne is the vivid purple polish with the blue flakes. I've never had a colour like this before so I was pleased to have something new and different in my nail polish collection. It applies well but one coat is a little uneven and slightly sheet. It definitely needs two coats for an opaque look. Having the flecks definitely adds detail and interest to this colour and I think without it, it wouldn't stand out. The flecks give it dimension and beauty. Again, like Coco, it needs a topcoat to get the full effect because the flecks are dull without it.


Vera is the most natural and muted colour of the collection but it doesn't mean it's any less beautiful. It's a fabulous nude colour and finding a beautiful nude polish isn't the easiest.To me this is more taupe but nevertheless, a nude colour that works with my skin tone and is perfect for those days where you need something a little more natural on your nails. But if it's too simple, you can always jazz this up with a fun topcoat. Though it looks lovely with a glittery or glossy top coat, I think a matte top coat would also look gorgeous and what I might try out next. Last week I jazzed it up and wore it with Betsey on top and it was really pretty!  Everyone needs a pretty and simple colour like this in any nail polish collection.


This polish is the one I was most sceptical about. In the past I haven't had the best luck with many glitter polishes and in fact it's something I avoid most of the time. Either they're too scattered and barely give the desired effect, they clump up after a couple of uses or they don't build very well causing everything underneath to slide or take a lifetime to dry. This one doesn't do any of those things. Betsey is a pretty silver holographic polish that works well as a scattered top coat but is also very build-able. I've shown how it looks with one light coat but it can be built to be opaque in just 3-4 coats. A colour that is perfect for weekends or evening looks!

As a whole, all four polishes lasted well on my nails, even through hands-on work, washing up and other everyday tasks that might affect the nail polish. I did get a few chips but that was mostly after washing up (I should use gloves really) and after a couple of days of wear. It wasn't anything I was bothered about because it was simply wear and tear. Overall, I'm impressed with the polish's longevity and even more so the intensity and application of the colours!

As well as the 'Designer' collection which was recently released for Autumn/Winter, All That Jazz have a variety of other collections that are equally as beautiful. I really like the look of the Opulence and Encore collection which I think have some amazing colours for this season. As mentioned before each singular polish retails for £3.99 and collections with sets of 4 retail at £11.97 which I think is a good price if you compare it to your usual drugstore brands.

Which colour out of the four is your favourite? Would you be interested in shopping polishes at All That Jazz? I'd definitely recommend it!

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