July '18

This month has gone by awfully fast. There's been smiles, laughter, tears and life changing moments. I'm so unbelievably happy to have finally moved into a home of our own, to be on holiday for the next few weeks and to be where I am now. This July has been a turning point in the year and my life. and right now, all I know is that everything feels right at the moment. I don't want it to change! July has been jam packed so let me tell you a little bit about what's been happening this month.

For the first couple of weeks there was a lot of prep for moving so it was a little uneventful. I spent a couple of weekends shopping with my family buying stuff for the house, and I also spent some quality time with my family including my little Dolly who I miss so much already!

Moving and the days before it was emotional. It's surreal knowing that I won't live with my family or my little dog anymore. Having lived with them for my whole life (or for my younger siblings, their whole life) it's been strange experiencing life as a 'fully independent' adult for the first time and with less people at home. I've always been an independent adult but what I mean by 'fully independent' is being entirely responsible for the upkeep and running of our home. Like I said before, it's surreal but also, so lovely knowing that I've finally reached this point in my life.

Moving day came around quick and it was a whirlwind of a day. Lots happened and I wrote all about my moving day story here earlier this week. The days after moving day were crazy and there was a lot of fixing, replacing, decorating and all sorts to be done as soon as possible. With John having two weeks off of work, it gave us a great opportunity to get a bulk of house stuff done at once. It's already starting to look like a home and I'm really happy with how it's looking so far. We ate a ridiculous amount of takeaways too because the kitchen was out of order for a little bit as we fixed stuff up. The picture below is a snapshot of what it looked like before we painted it. You can see what it looks like now on my Instagram: @CatttSays!

After having settled in a little bit, I went out with my mum for a trip to the garden centre. We ended up buying so many flowers and now my front garden is looking a lot prettier than it did before. We even got an apple tree for the back garden so I can eventually make homemade apple deserts. I was sure to get plants and flowers that encouraged bees into our garden and since planting them I've seen so many adorable bumble bees in our lavender bush and foxgloves.

Over the last couple of weekends we've had some family gatherings and had both our families up to see the house and what we've done to fix it up so far. Both our families are really proud of us and love our home which meant a lot to both of us. John's dog Dodger came up too and made himself at home finding his way around in just minutes and finding his spot on the sofa!

It's been a busy month and an amazing one too, but now I'm looking forward to a more relaxed August. I still have lots of painting to do and our bedroom furniture comes in tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to. August will bring my best friend's birthday, days in the sun, meeting with friends, more house decorating and preparing to go back to work eventually. I'm looking forward to August and how I handle the first full month of my new life in my new home!

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