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It's not often I delve into more luxurious brands. When I do, it's usually an investment piece that is versatile and so beautiful to me. It's always something that tugs at my heart strings and this time, it's something that tugs at my heart strings for more than just fashion. It's economical, it's sustainable and it's the Beacon's Project by GANT. 

GANT have created a line of sustainable shirts called Beacons Project. Their new project is all about reducing plastic waste from our beautiful oceans. There are 165 tonnes of waste in the sea and it is having a huge affect on the wildlife in our seas. GANT are doing something amazing, and taking bottles, straws and other plastics from the Mediterranean sea to upcycle it, and create a new polyester filament used in the new GANT Tech Prep shirts like the one I'm wearing! They have partnered with SEAQUAL to make this possible.

When GANT asked me if I wanted to write about Beacons Project on my blog, I took some quality time to read into it and find out all about it. As someone who cares about our planet, it's future and doing what I can to reduce waste myself, it was important for me to educate myself on this project to be able to write about it confidently. From what I learnt, I knew I wanted to share how amazing Beacons Project is and style one of GANT's new sustainable shirts. What they're doing with their shirts could raise awareness about the plastic waste in our seas and also help reduce it.

GANT were really kind and gifted me with one of their shirts. Here I am wearing the Oxford Popover Shirt in White * to style; a simple, classic shirt with a twist. I was instantly impressed with the quality and how soft the fabric is. The shirt is beautiful and I feel is best worn with jeans or a great pair of skinny trousers or jeans. For this post I wore it with my favourite jeans anda pair of bright classic courts to keep it smart/casual. A perfect look for anywhere from the office to a date.

I'm not going to lie. It took me a little time to get used to the fit. I really enjoy the sleeves and it's length but I'm really not used to a high collar but once I got used to it I started to really like it. I prefer to wear it unbuttoned though for a bit more fluidity. I also found that it wasn't easy to tuck into a skirt or something similar. I usually like being able to wear my shirts with a variety of bottom option but I realised that this particular shirt looks best with skinny trousers or jeans. The women's Chambray shirt on the other hand is your full on classic shirt so has a lot more versatility if that's what you're looking for.

GANT have a variety of shirts for both men and women in their Beacons Project collection in a variety of blues and white. They are great versatile pieces and though the price is quite out of what I'd normally pay for a shirt, the quality is easily felt and makes it that much more worth it. I can tell this shirt is going no where fast and making it's way permanently into my professional wardrobe. And what a beautiful way to invest in a shirt that could last a lifetime at the same time as reducing plastic waste from the Mediterranean sea. These shirts do a lot without saying a lot. You wouldn't know unless someone told you, and if they told you, wouldn't you be impressed? Would it inspire you to buy one too?

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