What Cat Did | A Day In The Cotswolds

This weekend John and I had a little break away up to the Midlands. After a busy start to the year,we really deserved a break away and booked ourselves into a really nice hotel, had a lovely dinner out and then we unexpectedly found our way to the Cotswolds the next day. We hadn't actually planned anything to do whilst we were away so after noticing that the Cotswolds were only 30 minutes away and a TripAdvisor search later, we started making our way to The Cotswold Farm Park. Our joint love for all animals led us there and we had THE cutest day out.

When we got to the farm park, we were starving and actually had a little lunch before we did anything. We both had jacket potatoes and talked about how beautiful the local area is. Being so close to London, everything is so fast paced and close by, so it was nice to just sit back and watch how different things are in a different part of the country. We've always been amazed by the different places all over the country and I was so happy to be exploring somewhere I'd never been before.

Once we'd finished lunch we bought our tickets and also two bags of animal feed. We were allowed to feed the animals outside which I was really excited about. Walking into the farm you could see so many animals already from ducks and chickens, to cows and sheep. A perfect place to take kids for a family day out or for anyone who just loves animals like me and John!


We started off outside where there was a 'Rare Breeds Through History' trail where you could walk through and meet all the goats and sheep. There were lots of chickens and ducks too but the goats and cows were very entertaining waiting to be fed!

The animals were so gentle and lovely. They were quite funny too. You could see all their personalities shining through and that they were quite happy too. The babies were adorable. My favourites were a couple of lambs who were bouncing around playing with each other and running from one side of the field to the other!

After the trail, we washed our hands and made our way to the Discovery Barn and Animal Barn where there were more animals to say hello to and lambing which was happening in the Animal Barn! In the Discovery Barn we met a bunch of cuties including these bunnies, some chicks, guinea pigs, piglets, goats (kids) and lambs!

This was the cutest thing all day. A baby goat asleep in a bucket. I'll let you just soak that up for a bit...

In the Animal Barn, lambs were experiencing their very first days with some being just HOURS old! These ones we met were only 1-3 days old!

These piglets were only born on the 14th March too. Not even a month old!

I also made a friend. This lamb pulled at my heart strings when I gave it a little chin scratch and then it nuzzled into my hand. I didn't want to leave it at all!

UGH. ANIMALS ARE SO CUTE. Honestly though, if you're looking for something to do and you're visiting The Cotswolds, and you have kids or just love animals yourself, this is a great place to visit! It's reasonably priced and it's in a beautiful part of England. And you get to pet the animals. What more could you want?

Have you ever been to The Cotswolds? I definitely want to go again. What did you get up to whilst you were there?

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