March '18

Never have I ever been so happy to see a month fly by. March hasn't been my favourite and I hate being negative Cat, but it just wasn't the best for me. That said, I did have a some good days which I thought it would be nice to share and bring light to the month of March. There was everything from snow and daffodils to births and bunnies! A weird set of things to introduce March off with but all true!

March started off quite snowy and wow, was it cold! I didn't expect to be having such cold days still 3 months into the year but alas, Britain was gifted with snow whilst growing daffodils grew indoors and struggled to grow out. The combination was so odd I had to document it with a photo. I didn't have much to complain about the snow because I quite like it and I got a snow day out of it. That said, when it starts to turn into ice it starts to become a bit of a pain in the bottom.

It wasn't long until warmer days were around the corner and I ended up shopping the weekend after the snow with my mum, sister and my uncle. It was nice to go to the shops for the first time since Christmas and my mum bought me some pretty things in Primark too. Thanks mum! I decided I wanted to re-brighten up my wardrobe. Put some personality back into it - and so I picked up this cute and soft, bright yellow sweater and this green floral top to add to my wardrobe. Picking these up, I really felt like myself. I was picking up things I genuinely liked rather than just because it's what's hot right now - which is what I started to do a lot when I worked in retail and about a year after that. Since about a year ago now, I buy things because I genuinely like them and want them in my life.

Other things I started to buy were things for my future home. My mum bought me this super cute and retro looking digital scale for me and then I went to Lidl and bought a pink hand mixer from the same brand to go with it. Honestly, if there's anything else that matches - tell me because I need it in my life. My baking collection is going to be so cute - and pink! I've actually got a small box of things I have for when we start moving in and I love that it's mostly kitchen stuff because it's generic and goes in a cupboard rather than things that you might need to theme a room like decor and stuff. The rest I'd probably get when we're finally in.

If you were on my Twitter or Instagram some time mid March you'll know that last month I took a short blogging break for reasons I will not be sharing. It was only about 2 weeks but I needed it and will be taking another one soon to make sure I'm focusing my energy on the right things at the right time.

I needed to announce my break from blogging and social media more for myself than for anyone else. I think making it public and writing it both on Instagram and Twitter helped me fully accept that I needed to do this. I've never taken a break from blogging before an actually its what I needed to refocus on some important aspects of my life as well as to take time to myself so I could relax and do other things that I stopped doing as much. Like play my favourite games, read and draw. I will say it wasn't house buying related and that's all going really well. In fact, it's probably the thing that kept me from feeling like a total mess last month.

I am okay and the reason I decided to come back to blogging for a bit is because I started to really miss it and wanted to do it again. At the moment I have time off and so I have plenty of time to focus on plenty of things but when I'm back at work, time is limited and so it's hard to focus on everything when you're working and there's less time to do so. I think once I've got a total grip on all the things I have going on, life will be back to normal and I won't be as 'everywhere' as I feel at the moment. Taking some time to be mindful of your own mental health and happiness is important - even if it means cutting out some of the things you enjoy in your life for a little bit to focus on others.

Anyway, I didn't think I'd be going off on that tangent but hey! I like to keep things real with this post and I felt I needed to say something about the big break I took. In that break I did a few nice things though. I started playing and enjoying World of Warcraft again, I took some time to watch and learn from a few make up tutorials and now I know how to do a cut crease make up look and where to REALLY put my contour and highlighter. I feel like I upped my makeup skills a bit but I still don't know how to get that flawless skin look without filters! I also picked up a couple of new books to read. Not that I've read them. The intention is there but I need to read the ones I have unread first before I get to the new ones!

March bought animals. YES. I watched chicks hatch and they are sooooo cute. And I also cuddled some baby bunnies a lot this month. If there's anything that relaxes me and makes me happier than anything else in the world it's animals - especially little cuddly ones! These are just 3 of the little bubba animals I got to meet this month. Probably the highlight of March!

March, I'm so glad you're over and I've got higher hopes for April to be good to me. I feel good about April and I feel good about what I'm doing to make sure I am happy and where I need to be.
What are you up to this April? I hope you've had a good Easter too! I can't believe that's gone so fast already!

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  1. I'm glad that you had such lovely positives in March,even if the month wasn't that grand on the whole. Those aces are indeed grogeous. Definitely need to add them to the wishlist !