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It's quite clear that the grey and yellow colour scheme is popular at the moment with a number of homeware places selling collections in this colour scheme. I'm more than happy to admit that I'm also absolutely in love with this colour scheme too and for so many reasons. I've always had ideas about how I'd like my living room to look like when the day comes to decorate a place of my own. I always knew I wanted a warm grey theme with a pop of colour and for me it's warm grey and yellow. Not mustard yellow though. Proper yellow.

On Pinterest I've created a board I've called 'First Home Inspo'. It contains all my inspiration for a variety of rooms but most of all living room pins! The living room is clearly the most important room for most people in their home (unless it's the Kitchen). I personally intend on spending a lot of time in this room and I want it to be my favourite. For some time I've wondered what colour scheme I'd want in my living room. Being an arty gal, colour is important to me and reflects personality, a feeling and so much more. It's not just about making the room look beautiful, but making it warm, cosy and inviting, a positive and happy room to be in and it should represent John and I as a couple.

Both of us have always gravitated towards a warm slate grey; being a colour that both of us very much adore. In my head I imagine this room to be quite light in colour. The sofa would be a dark grey with a couple of grey or black fluffy cushions (ones that I already own) and some injections of yellow. (This also includes my hufflepuff cushion and throw - hehe!) I can imagine the type of furniture we'd love in this room too and little hints of yellow whether it be in some ornaments or a couple of candles. For me, yellow is a really happy and inviting colour and replaced my love for everything and anything blue last year. I wouldn't say it's my favourite colour - that's pink - but it's a VERY close second. I don't know what possessed me to love yellow so much, but it definitely brings out my positive and happy side when I wear or have something yellow.

Floating in and out of shops and supermarkets recently I've spotted some gorgeous pieces that would be perfect for injecting yellow into a grey and monochrome themed room. I imagine it looking a little like some of the rooms I've pinned. I don't want it drowned in yellow at all. It just needs to be obvious enough that there's a theme! Just today I popped into Sainsburys and found the prettiest big grey cushions with a yellow lined border. It's all it was but just the perfect amount of yellow without it being too much. I've seen so many beautiful things and for now, I'm holding back the shopping until things are all tied up and confirmed.

As well as the grey and yellow colour scheme I'm so fond of, I love the idea of having contrasting furniture in the room. With a little help from Pinterest I was inspired and found a bunch of living rooms with gorgeous dark wooden furniture in their monochrome living rooms. I think it looks so beautiful. It doesn't stand out or look odd despite it contrasting the colour scheme and actually, it adds a bit more interest and colour to a room. I've been keeping an eye on places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace for some previous loved wooden pieces I might be able to get early. I like the idea of recycling furniture like this rather than buying something. At the moment, I'm looking out for a coffee table, cabinet, dining table and TV stand. Hopefully all in the same-ish colour!

I really enjoyed collecting together some inspiration for my own living room. It's getting me excited about moving out soon and thinking about what we want and need for our first place. What colour scheme did you go for or would you go for in your living room? Are you a fan of yellow or would you need something on the cooler side of the colour spectrum?

P.S. You can check out all my home inspiration on my 'First Home Inspo' board on Pinterest. From living rooms to guest rooms and utility rooms to offices!

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