February '18

What a life changing February it has been. Though a quiet month of blogging and being online talking to you lovely people, February has been filled with family, life changing decisions and a ton of fun! Life took over this month and despite feeling the guilt of having neglected my little space on the internet, I've enjoyed my time this month away from a computer screen and out doing things I either haven't done in a while or have done for the very first time. Let me talk you through my February...


This month my cousin celebrated his 14th birthday. First of all - where has the time gone!? I still remember how I used to stop him crying... In his bouncer watching the video for Yeah by Usher. For my cousin's birthday we did something that I hadn't done in years - paintball! I was so excited even though it was freezing cold and completely wet but we were so ready to get into the field and potentially get hurt with paint balls.

It was an extremely fun morning/afternoon where we played 4 games. We'd won every game but half of one and I didn't get shot out once! The other team were livid with us and we couldn't help but feel like total winners! I did get shot by a team member but it was to the head, didn't hurt (thank you head gear) and didn't count as a loss. I did although slide straight into a metal barrel and bruise my thigh, but that's as bad as I got. I slipped down muddy hills trying to get my aunt/the president to safety and proudly shot people out of the game. When's the next time because honestly, that was the most fun I've had in a while!

About a week later it was my brother's birthday too. He turned 13 and we went to our local trampoline park for his birthday. That was a lot of fun and it was nice to go out and celebrate it with just us siblings. We even got some free jump tickets for after school so we'll be returning again soon. The boy is obsessed with the Fortnite game at the moment so for his birthday I made him his very own Fortnite cake. I was inspired by Sweetie Darling Cakes' video on YouTube and even shared it with her via Instagram! It took me ages to make that cake. I'm just glad it worked out and he loved it.


For John and I Valentine's Day isn't that big of a deal. Its a beautiful day and I love it but where we have so many big events in the 15 days between my birthday and his, we're all out of celebratory-ness. (Totally just made up that word after spending 10 minutes thinking about how to word that sentence) I've mentioned this before, but we have both of our birthdays, out anniversary, Christmas AND new year all in 15 days that is A LOT. To add valentine's day on top is too much and so we just make a little extra effort on valentine's day. This time all we did was see each other, order a takeaway and finish season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is one of our favourite series on Netflix right now. So gutted we've finished yet another season. We can't wait for season 5! Anyway, even though we don't celebrate it all out John got me a beautiful orchid which I didn't expect and we got each other cards.


I mentioned something life changing happening in February. And the life-changing thing is that John and I started actively looking for our first ever home. It bred a new series of blog post ideas where I would take you through my journey of house buying and all that jazz but even more exciting than actively looking, we ended up having an offer accepted on a place that we're in love with. Now I don't want to jynx it but of course as you do, we're having to move quickly and hoping it's all going to be wrapped up by the end of March or early April. We're aware that things could go pear-shaped but we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best. It's all scary but exciting new territory.

It dawned on me one evening that things were about to change drastically and my life would be changing completely. There are a lot of new factors that I need to get my head around but the one that... not concerned me but made me feel a sadness, is that I'm coming to the end of an era. That I won't be living with my mum, dad, brothers and sister anymore and I won't be able to have Dolly cuddles whenever I want to. I got pretty emotional about this and it makes me sad that I have to leave all that behind, but I have to because I'm finally walking into the next chapter of my life which I've been waiting a long time to walk in to. And it's going to be fun, exciting and the beginning of my own family. I'm not really leaving it all behind because though I am moving to a new town, I thankfully will be close enough to visit when I want and get any much needed family time and Dolly cuddles. It's a lot to take in still but it's just that emotional bit you have to get through isn't it? 


Ohhhhh yes. To finish off the month, there was snow EVERYWHERE. I love the snow so this has been enjoyable for me. I know it's a pain to have to drive in the snow and walk everywhere but honestly, it brings out the kid in me and I love the way it looks. I don't mind having to deal with the annoyances it brings because it doesn't happen that often and honestly, we'd only complain if it didn't! Earlier this week I had a bunch of daffodils that just blossomed and the contrast between the snow outside and the daffodils inside was funny. It made me smile and you know what? It just kept reminding me about the great weather and times there is to come. Yellow daffodils currently make me think of new homes and beginnings. Of course because it's a sign spring is here but also because I heard yellow flowers sell houses. (If you're the one selling - display them somewhere. It makes a home feel homely and bright) That and the smell of freshly baked cookies.

March is going to be exciting and I hope it's going to be as eventful as I expect. It's already begun with some snow and I'm hoping it's going to end with some big changes and a warm sun in the sky.
What are you looking forward to this March?  

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  1. Wow buying a house has happened so fast! That must be both scary and exciting - I can't wait to hear more <3

    G is for Gingers xx