January '18

It feels like a long time since I wrote my December round-up post. January has felt like the longest month of all time and I'm kinda glad it's over. It's not exactly been a great month but not a bad one either. It feels like a limbo month where you're trying to find your feet again and get back some normality. Not much has happened this month but I thought I would still round it up and talk about the little things I've got up to and how I feel about February.

At the beginning of the month John and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Because our anniversary is New Year's Day, we always celebrate it alongside New Year's Eve and so we simply just had food and welcomed the new year in together at home. There are so many things for us all around the same time that we never end up not doing much. It was also John's birthday 5 days later too so we got to celebrate that too, and did so with a takeaway and some time together relaxing, especially since I was still dog sitting Coco at that time.

It sucked when my time dog sitting was done. I'd had a taste of living away from home and I also built this adorable relationship with a beautiful dog. It had been a lovely 3 weeks and I had the best time. But at the same time it was nice to know Coco was happy being back with her family again. I also missed my normal a little bit and having people around me so it was kinda nice to me too. I actually wrote about how my time dog/house sitting went if you want to read. I wrote about what I learned from the experience.

Back at home I got to cuddle my own little puppers again. She missed me I think and I enjoyed being back with my family and having other people in the house. I quickly got back to normal, especially being back at work and in the full swing of things. The month just seemed to drag even though I was busy keeping up with a bunch of stuff. I started working out at home boxing and running on the treadmill and I also have been doing my best to ensure I'm using my evenings wisely. So much so that blogging is taking a back seat. I don't mind though because I'm so focused and prioritising well. It something I want to keep up. But with that said I have a few posts lined up but you'll have to see them in February now!

Because of being so busy with everyday life John and I hadn't gone out for a meal together in a while and so we went to TGI Friday's this month and it was soo good! And because we're both healthy eating and exercising, this was a big treat for us. Nothing beats their Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strips! It was just nice to go out together and I missed that.

My mum asked me to take the picture above on the night of the Super Blue Blood Moon but it looks nothing like the moon I'd seen online. So here's a picture of a regular moon. 
January, it's been alright but step aside for February. February is going to be a busy one and I can feel it disappearing in a flash already! I already have a bunch of stuff that I need to do from car admin to big focuses on work and health. It just seems there's no time for fun at the moment but I want to fit some time in for fun this month.
In February I'm looking forward to: half term break, losing some more weight, bullet journalling and doing a wardrobe clear out (including putting some things on eBay).
What are you looking forward to this month?

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