Game Night with Randomise

My family love a games night. We don't do it often enough but last Christmas we made a conscious effort to get more games and spend more time together playing them. There are so many awesome games out there but one of my new favourites is Randomise. If I was going to describe it in any way, it'd be a family-friendly mash-up of 3 classics with endless hilarious answers. Me and the family played it just this weekend and here's what we thought of it...

As I said before, Randomise is what I'd describe as a mash-up of 3 classics but in the best way possible. You can tell by the way I'm talking about this game, I'm already a fan and so were Monica, David and Angela who played the game with me.

The rules are simple: you have to act, describe or draw your way to victory. You need to have a minimum of 4 people to play with two teams and two people in each because you're playing within your team to win. You choose 3 cards, an A, B and C card from each pile which will form a completely random identity. Before you pick the card you must decide if you're going to act, describe or draw and if you're going to do an easy one or a hard one. The difference is in the difficulty and how many points you can receive for guessing the full identity. You get 1 point for each part of the identity guessed, and 1 point for guessing it before the time ends. If you've chosen a hard one, 3 points for guessing it before the time ends. Yes... you've got a time limit. 30 seconds for describing, 60 for acting and 90 for drawing! We used my iPhone timer to keep tabs on the time. If you don't guess it on time, your opponent has the chance to.

The other thing to mention is that card A is always an adjective/emotion, card B is the character/noun and card C is a verb/action. Honestly, the possibility of identities are endless, especially when you're not the one picking the identity... You opponent is by picking a number combination choosing numbers from 1 - 3 which will depict what your identity is. You might have some good ones on the card, but the choice of which ones you do is not yours! So it could be anything like 3, 1, 2 or 2, 3, 3. But you must take it in the order it is to your A, B, C cards. Does that make sense?
I also liked that there are rule cards for each team to remind you of the rules just in case you forget and blank ones in case you'd like to make your own cards!

When it was game time, we started up by teaming up. Angela and I teamed up together against David and Monica and once we'd read the rules and understood everything we got started. I kept score and Angela took charge of the timer.  Within minutes we were giggling away. I started off with drawing an excited parrot lifting weights. I can tell you now, Angela didn't guess it very quickly at all. The only thing she finally got was the weights and because she didn't guess the full identity, David and Monica got to have one guess. If they guessed it right, they'd get a point but guess it wrong and they don't. They got the point...

David and Monica were annoyingly good at this. I think because they were so in tune with what the other one meant whether it was acting, drawing or describing! Angela and I worked best with drawing, simply because that's our forte. She wasn't great at describing and we were all equally confused at her 'cat' impression. We thought she was being Beyonce with one of the moves she pulled!

All sorts of random identities popped up and they were all as funny as the next! We stuck with a lot of easy ones but challenged ourselves to some hard ones towards the end of our game. (We decided the end of the game was after about 20 rounds.) Some of the identities that came about were a graceful duck singing in the rain, a hungry superhero shopping, a shy giant bowling... just to name a few.

We played for well over an hour and in fact I'm almost certain we nearly hit the two hour mark. This game could go on forever if you let it! We realised when discussing the game that actually, cards could be repeated so many times but you may never or rarely get the same identity combinations again. With so many different possible combinations and your opponents choosing the numbers, there must be thousands of different combos in the game. It's actually baffling in the best way!

We all really enjoyed this game. It was hilarious, fun and a good challenge for anyone. It's family friendly so the silliness suits everyone of all ages! Another thing we said when we were discussing the game is that it's a actually a great game for those who might want to play different ones. So instead of arguing about which one to play or just playing Charades or Pictionary or Articulate all on their own, this is like playing all three! It works in everyone's favour really for some competitive fun!

Overall we had a blast playing Randomise and it's one I will definitely be recommending to friends or taking with me to any games nights, etc. A thumbs up from my family and friends! This is definitely coming out at the next games night.

If you want to buy Randomise for yourself, you can find it here on Amazon at the moment for £11.99. It's so worth it for the amount of game time you get! 

What are your thoughts on this game? Have you ever played it before or are you interested in it now?

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