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Yay! The first outfit of 2018! And a favourite for cosiness and super simple winter style. This season I've been all about knitwear. It's an obsession. I've been wearing jumper after jumper throughout autumn and winter and I'm not even sorry that it's been pretty repetitive. Today's outfit is no different. In fact, I doubled the knitwear here just to show off my new scarf.

Jumper - ??? (Christmas present) | Jeans - Primark | Boots - M&S | Scarf - George @ Asda

Khaki has kind of been my colour of choice when it comes to my clothing. I love the colour, it's versatile and looks great on anyone. John got me this jumper for Christmas. I couldn't tell you where it's from but I can tell you it's super comfortable and a style of jumper I'm enjoying adding to my knitwear collection. I didn't have one like this before so it's been nice to have a jumper that is a chunky knit with that oversized slouchy look to it. It's kinda what I go for at the moment.

As for my scarf, it was also a thoughtful Christmas gift. I'm a fan of chunky scarves and the person who gave me this, also gave me a grey one I was wearing basically everyday in autumn and winter for the last year or two. Now I have this one which is chunkier and softer than the last one! I thought this double knitwear combo looked quite cute and well combined because my scarf has a subtle panel of khaki running through it along with the well contrasted orange panels. It's a solid new favourite. (But it's still leaving fluff everywhere I go!)

I paired this double knit combo with a new pair of jeans from Primark. About a month ago I ended up buying myself an outfit that I changed into after I bought it in Primark and it included the nicest, softest and most affordable pair of jeans ever. (I would even argue that they're not even really jeans.) I got them in grey. And when I saw that this style was in the sale, I bought them in this plum colour and khaki too. So I have three pairs now. They're so amazing though and for £5 each I just HAD to get them! I bought the grey for £7 last time which is still so ridiculously affordable!

Would totally recommend btw.

Finally, I completed my outfit up with something to add a little glam to my simple look with these boots from M&S. Another Christmas gift from John. Honestly, the man is decking me out with some nice stuff. I like his style. If you read my Christmas gifts posts you'll know he pointed these out to me months before Christmas and then bought them for me after I fell for them. They literally go with everything I'm wearing right now, so I'm sorry if you see these a lot in the next coming outfits. Actually... I'm not sorry. They're gorgeous!

P.S. I didn't link anything because I don't like to go and find things I've been given as gifts online and see the prices. I feel rude! 


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